Americans Want to Know: What Just Happened in NJ, 40,000 Votes Mysteriously…

In war you destroy or cut way back on your opponent’s supplies and communication. The communication has been done to an extent. Platforms are needed that are sympathetic to the cause. Media, meaning radio and television exploded as alternate stations appeared. The technology exists to find those responsible for denying Americans their vote, but don’t count on fair trials. Officials are threatened or bought.

Americans will find a way

Either through it or beside it. In the Governor’s race, Democrat Phil Murphy mysteriously won overnight in a county that had already been completely counted, 100%, and they’d voted for the Republican Jack Ciattarelli.

Also in New Jersey, the Senate President Steve Sweeney was humiliated by a humble Republican truck driver that only spent $6,000 but that’s not going to stand. Sweeney isn’t conceding and in fact, the Democrat machine again “found” 12,000 ballots in one county.

Americans smell rats

There are a lot of them. How do you get rid of them, shy of a physical war? Sidestep them? There is some sidestepping being done.

Because even after 100% of Bergen County was accounted for, overnight there were 40,000 ballots “found” for Murphy to push him into the lead. Americans can see what’s coming. More forced vaccinations. The market is hot for those who practice survivalism.

Americans and massive voter fraud

We need to deal with voter fraud or all “elected” officials will be installed or appointed rather than elected by their peers. We’re staring that reality in the face. We have been for some time, it was just made blatant in the 2020 election.

Democrats will just see how many more ballots are needed to defeat a Republican challenger and manufacturer them overnight after everybody has left for the day. “Elections” as we knew them will just be held to make it look good. This is the Democrat machine and it will run you over if you try to go against it. If the Supreme Court of the United States was paid off or threatened, that’s the highest court in America.

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