GOP Takes Over As the Party for The Younger Generation

Young people are going to come up on both sides of the aisle. It’s good to see one come up on the GOP side. Madison Cawthorne is a new Congressman in North Carolina’s 119th district. At 25 years old he makes history. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was previously the youngest at age 29 years. Like Trump saying to Biden, “I ran because of you, Joe,” Cawthorne did the same thing.

New blood in the GOP

Cawthorne mentioned people by name that were the reason he ran. On his website he said “our faith, our freedoms and our values are under assault from coastal elites and leftists like (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”

He lived out of a car accident in 2014. It could have taken his life but instead he was partially paralyzed. He got a second chance at life.

Once you know history, you are solid GOP

Liberals don’t want you to know history. There are reasons we do the things we do. We’ve been down this road before.

He was homeschooled. Those who schooled him took him out of the public schools for whatever reason so he wasn’t fed the poison so many kids are fed today.

GOP needs to stick to principles

When that is done, everything else falls into place. He’s a fiscal conservative so he’s much less likely to spend our money. He might have had this belief earlier than his accident but he believes every person has a right to life. This includes the unborn. What if that baby winds up solving all our problems?

He also believes in term limits. Government wasn’t meant to be a full time job. You’re supposed to do your term and go back to your previous life once that’s done. If you look at history, that’s how government started.

Godspeed Mr. Cawthorne. Upcoming GOP hopefuls, remember what you’ve learned and do your best. You CAN do it!

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