Liberal Hacks Go Full on Crazy With Lies and Deception Following Trumps Covid Announcement

It’s a good thing President Trump has as strong of a base in terms of faith. Any other President might have crumbled. He was elected to get a job done, not to be liked. Shy of actual assassination, liberals are spewing unheard of hatred. If this were Obama or Hillary the press would be besides themselves with worry. But liberals are bullies. Actual assassination would mean war. They might not be able to deal with push coming to shove.

Liberals, don’t wish illness or death on your worst enemies

It can come back to bite you. In some instances, that might already be happening. Trump does what he does based on wanting the America he knew to return.

You’re far more likely to get the truth out of a businessman than a politician. Politicians have learned to just talk. They don’t have to do anything. That’s what’s gotten us into this problem at all. Trump has done more in three years than Biden has done in 47!

One liberal hopes, among other things, that Trump survives

David Cay Johnston hopes Trump is telling the truth. The virus has actually killed far less people than 208,000, this according to the CDC website. Curiously, that’s being ignored.

His confidence that Trump loses and the spread of that loss may be based on who this liberal is listening to. In 2016 the polls told people what they wanted to hear. It might not have been the truth with Hillary losing.

Liberals want to savage the living President

At least verbally. If, in Trump’s dealings, he has a bad deal, liberals would be high-fiving. If Trump wasn’t in power, nobody would care. He’s just trying to put government back where it started.

If liberals had their way, one hundred years after his family members have passed away, his name would be spoken of with the highest contempt. The Devil Incarnate.

If you’re better than this, start sounding like it.

  1. Karma will fall on these fake belivers of God for their evil ways . It will come 10 fold on them . Then we get to watch as they cry for help as they suffer and maybe die . People of the darkness never survive . God weeds them out in his own way . Remember that when your on bent knees begging for life . Karma will remember you . A debt must be payed .

  2. This is one of the most virulent propaganda doses we’ve been subjected to this campaign season. It’s pure projection of Trump failures onto Democrats. Nobody hates more than KKK, Proud Boys and white supremacists. Nobody ignores civic and moral values more than Trump evangelicals. Nobody has created more strife and uncertainty in 3 years than Trump. I’ve always equated Trump to the 12-step programs for alcoholism, gambling, drugs and more. The violator in this case won’t reform; most OCS obsessive compulsive syndrome people won’t and don’t. But my point is always that the families, friends, work colleagues and others near the OCS overdoser become enablers of the perp. This writer has it in spades.
    I’m waiting the election results that will finally remove Trump and Republican Senators from office due to their ‘enabling’ Trump to break every Constitutional and federal law he gets his hands on. From immigration that kills people and separates families, to pandemic and ACA formulas for health he ignores to kill 208,000 people so far, through failure to support families, small businesses and many large corporations verging on closing or bankruptcy, to regulations and agreements destruction leading to environmental poisoning, corporate greed, evangelicals ignoring Gospel, Iran Agreement negated, bounties on American service people abroad Trump and this writer have ignored needs of most Americans. That’s the strength of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris–a village will emerge to resolve working peoples’ problems, expand the economic cleanly and at home, to ease the angst of marginal residents like DACA and asylum seekers, and stabilizing/extending healthcare. To maintain our federal republic in democracy, Trump and these extremists writers and haters must go.

  3. Biden has told so many lies in his 46 years in politics that his soul must be beyond salvation. He has taken numerous payoffs, including the most recent (as far as we know) a $900,000 payoff from Ukraine that was laundered through two other countries, after he released the BILLION DOLLARS in foreign aid to Ukraine.

  4. Trump doesn’t know the first thing about political protocols and is making the US look bad to the rest of the world.

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