Joe Biden Now Involved in Dictator Like Moves [Info]

Yes, past Presidents have had their staff terminated when the new President comes in. BUT. Does the incoming President trust the previous President’s picks? Why or why not? Has there ever been such an obsessive hate against anything a President has stood for to the point of firing anybody connected to him? Joe Biden isn’t even willing to let one person serve out his term in a largely ceremonial position.

The Biden administration hates the military

Are these images shown on propaganda? Probably not. The media usually covers for Democrats. Because this administration is removing Trump loyalists from military advisory posts.

Cathy Russell is the director of the White House’s Presidential Personnel Office. Wednesday morning she sent out letters to 18 military officials asking them to resign.

It’s personal with Biden

Regardless that you might do your job well, you were appointed by Trump. Or maybe it’s because you do your job well, you embarrass Biden. People have been fired for showing up the boss.

Russell Vought was the director of the Office of Budget and Management. If he didn’t resign his position was going to be terminated. The letter read, “On behalf of President Biden, I am writing to request your resignation as a Member of the Board of Visitors to the U.S. Naval Academy. Please submit your resignation to me by the close of business today. Should we not receive your resignation, your position with the Board will be terminated effective 6:00 p.m. tonight.” Vought had refused, tweeting out, “No, it’s a three year term.”

Democrats want a New World Order

So anything traditionally United States can be thrown out the window. Retired General Jack Keane was among those let go. He texted he was, “very disappointing that President Biden is not upholding the previous president’s appointments which has been pretty much the tradition.”

A veteran nailed it. Meaghan Mobbs is an Afghanistan veteran, she tweeted out, “I find this whole act unconscionable and not all in the spirit by which this Administration promised to govern. President Biden ran on a supposed platform of unity but his actions speak directly to the contrary. Apparently, unity is only for those who conform.”

There’s a lawsuit brewing

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked to resign. He refused and will likely be joining a class action lawsuit on this.

In another case where the Supreme Court is on the Democrats’ side, a ruling in June allowed the President to fire at will, rather than for cause. As a result, Mark Calabria was removed from the FHFA.

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