Meet a Liberal Who Has a Dark and Sinister Past

A former Liberal cabinet member in Canada is campaigning to become the next mayor of Calgary two years after he was voted out amid allegations of sexual harassment. Kent Hehr was a member of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet until he was forced to resign in 2018, having been accused of sexual harassment. Hehr is not the only prominent member of Trudeau’s Liberal Party to have been forced out of office due to similar allegations.

Former Liberal cabinet member attempts to return to politics

Kent Hehr has announced his entry into the Calgary mayoral race in spite of the tattered reputation he retains from his cabinet resignation.

His Twitter announcement appears to have gone largely unnoticed by the Canadian public aside from some negative responses questioning why the disgraced MP would run at all.

The people of Calgary voted Hehr out of office two years ago and they do not seem to be in any great hurry to be represented by him again.

Before his 2018 resignation Hehr held a cabinet position as Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities. Hehr himself is a quadriplegic.

That reportedly did not stop him from making flippant and rude remarks to and about other Canadians with disabilities, most notably in 2017.

As he did in the former case, after the sexual harassment allegations Hehr denied intentionally doing anything and claimed that there was a misunderstanding.

Unlikely to succeed

The Calgary mayoral run does not, thus far, seem to be a particularly promising endeavor for the former Liberal cabinet member.

Kent Hehr might talk about working to combat the sorts of things which he has been accused of but Liberal voters have no reason to embrace this rhetoric.

There are other Liberal candidates who have not faced any allegations of sexual harassment or of being disrespectful to disabled people.

With a field of twenty-seven candidates Hehr is distinguished from other mayoral hopefuls largely by the fact that he has been voted out of office by the same constituency for past allegations.

No legal action was ever pursued against Hehr following his resignation but the damage to his career was done and his attempted comeback run is unlikely to succeed.

Even if Hehr is entirely innocent, Calgary voters of the same party have no reason to choose him over other Liberal candidates who have not faced any allegations.

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