Churches are Being Burned to the Ground, But Why?

Churches in Canada are being burned to the ground amid a surge in anti-Christian and anti-Canadian sentiment. The spree of church burnings have mostly targeted Catholic churches located in or near indigenous communities. The attacks are evidently being driven by a prevailing media narrative and national hysteria surrounding boarding schools operated by the Catholic Church throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

Churches burning in Canada

While statues of Queens Victoria and Elizabeth II along with one depicting famed explorer James Cook were torn down by protesters in broad daylight, the church burnings have been somewhat more discreet.

No one has been charged so far for the attacks on churches, but there seems to be  a clear pattern of attacks meant to terrorize Canadian Catholics.

After the historic Sacred Heart Church on the Penticton Indian Reservation was destroyed parish priest  Father Sylvester Obi Ibekwe said that he ” felt helpless and powerless” but remained hopeful for the future while visiting the ruined church.

At least nine churches have been burned since the beginning of June. The anti-church campaign intensified with the approach of Canada Day, which became particularly contentions this year.

In an apparent imitation of what the American left has accomplished over the course of the last year, Canadian liberals have launched a vicious assault on Canadian patriotism and heritage.

Large numbers of Canadians were coerced into abandoning celebrations of their national holiday in a situation that would be akin to New York City and Washington D.C. suppressing 4th of July celebrations.


A new anti-Christian narrative

The attacks against churches and the Canadian identity in general is centered around a number of dubious historical claims which have been magnified to a great extent by the media.

Using radar technology to investigate cemeteries connected to church run boarding schools, left wing investigators have shockingly found large numbers of what appear to be graves.

While one would think that finding graves in a cemetery would hardly be new, the situation has sparked a national hysteria surrounding the treatment of native children at these schools.

Like a number of similar institutions in the United States, the residential schools focused on teaching English to native children and assimilating them into Canadian society.

According to the hysterical reports, the graves allegedly being located belong to children who were intentionally starved a beaten to death, crimes which are said to undermine the entire national identity of Canada.

Rumor aside, graves at located at institutions which existed for more than a century through several devastating pandemics should hardly be surprising. The Spanish Flu pandemic in particular killed thousands of Canadians of all cultures and ethnicities.

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