ANTIFA Member Gets Doxxed After Releasing ‘Hit List’

Putting a “hit list” of Seattle business owners up on anarchist oriented social media site isn’t good for your career, as Antifa “member” Mikaele Andrew Baker is learning. Baker just got doxxed and Americans aren’t happy to learn the details.

Antifa freak trusted with children

Most folks think of Antifa as a club for anarchists with “members,” when it should be considered the flip side of “patriot.” the philosophy of Anti-fascism has followers the same way patriotism has followers called “patriots.”

Either way, 23-year-old Mikaele Andrew Baker is a dedicated follower of Anti-fascism, “arrested multiple times at violent protests.” For a day job, Baker works as a children’s camp counselor and substitute teacher.

Baker isn’t only controversial because of violent political Black Lives Matter proclivities, identifying as a “trans nonbinary furry.”

The lid was ripped off whatever anonymity the furry freak had to hide behind when the Antifa sympathizer “shared a list of businesses that support the clearing of Cal Anderson Park of homeless people.”

According to the social media account under the Antifa friendly username ComradeFlute, Baker tapped out, “These are the businesses (and literally one, single resident) that signed a petition to sweep Cal Anderson Park. No further comment.”

That statement was followed up by “If we do stop this sweep, that’s a victory, and we can carry that energy to the next action.”

Full time childcare worker

Apparently, Baker took offense when somebody commented about having too much time on it’s paws. “I work full time as a childcare worker and I’m a substitute teacher, idk what makes you think I’d be unemployed,” he declared.

Internet sleuths scanned Baker’s Antifa inspired corner of the interweb and discovered the gender and species confused individual was a “history teacher.” Also noting, “I’m from the Olympic Peninsula before moving to Seattle for school and work.” That will probably be changing soon.

Even in far-left leaning Seattle, Washington, parents will probably object to Baker’s influence on their impressionable children. Especially when the beast considers the police to be an enemy.

The Antifa-emblem displaying refugee from reality is convinced that “The police exist, and have always existed, for one purpose: to uphold the current social order by inflicting violence on American citizens.” That’s not accurate but liberals have been brainwashed to believe it.

Baker is proud to have an opportunity to indoctrinate young minds with Antifa dogma. “This is what the police did when they were slave-catchers, this is what the police did when they turned fire-hoses on Civil Rights protesters, this is what the police are doing now when they teargas us, beat us, and shoot us with rubber bullets.”

Police wouldn’t be using the rubber bullets if the anarchists weren’t breaking windows, looting, burning down police stations and intimidating law abiding citizens. If we still had law and order in America, the police would have been using real bullets.

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