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Prosecutors Decline to Charge Black Lives Matter Militant

Radical Left-wing prosecutors are at it again. This time they’re refusing to pursue charges against a Black Lives Matter terrorist that ran over a member of the Proud Boys with his car. The victim of the attack was seriously injured and patriots want justice.

Black Lives Matter run over patriot

Shane Moon and other members of the Proud Boys were at a bar having drinks following a memorial service for a fellow patriot. The service was for Aaron Jay Danielson, a member of the Patriot Prayer group who was gunned down in cold blood on the streets of Portland by a member of Antifa.

Apparently, murdering a Trump supporter just isn’t enough for Black Lives Matter. So they showed up to harass the slain man’s friends and family who gathered at the bar. According to Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio, a man who appeared to be a member of Antifa was also at the bar and began taking photos and recordings of the people inside.

Witnesses claim the suspicious man started walking around the bar and recording members of the Proud Boys, putting his phone in their faces to share their identity online and dox them. As he was doing that, one of the Proud Boys approached him and told him to get lost. The man continued to try and pick fights with people in the bar at the time, until security finally kicked him out.

Democrat prosecutors side with BLM

As the man was kicked out of the bar, there were several Proud Boys in the parking lot smoking cigarettes and just arriving from the memorial service. “Once the guy started his vehicle up and started to drive off, he hit Shane,” a witness said. “Shane tried to get out of the way and the guy ran him over. Immediately he was unconscious. After he hit him, the driver of the truck gassed it and left the parking lot, leaving Shane on the ground, bleeding out of his ears,”

Court records filed Dec. 11 in Clark County Superior Court, show Charles R. Holliday-Smith, 30, was exonerated, pending further investigation. His bail of $100,000, which had already been posted, was also exonerated. No charges were officially filed against Holliday-Smith, who’s also known as Robbie Smith, who had been accused of first-degree assault and hit-and-run resulting in injury.

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