Video: Crowd Cheers After MAGA Supporter is Murdered in Cold Blood ‘I am Not Sad that a F***ing Fascist Died Tonight’

An American patriot was murdered by the mob of BLM anarchists in Portland, Oregon, and the peaceful, socially-sensitive crowd were caught on video howling for blood and jumping for joy about a White man’s death. The footage even captured one organizer declaring “I am not sad that a f***ing fascist died tonight.” Deplorable MAGA lives matter too, but not to the children of darkness who make up a private army marching to the orders of George Soros.

The racist crowd is only out for blood

The myth that the Black Lives Matter riots are a protest to stop senseless violence was shattered by senseless violence. As supporters of President Donald Trump tried to peacefully voice their opinions, they were violently attacked by armed anarchists. As the police stood by and watched the crowd work themselves into a frenzy, one man was shot dead. The mob started literally “dancing” in the street, “the energy here is joyous now.”

A caravan of pro-Trump citizens rolled through the streets of Portland to not only show support for the president but to demand the restoration of law and order. The crowd of violent anarchists far outnumbered the police, who had been ordered to stand down by the city officials. All day long there were “several stormy clashes between the pro-Trump supporters and counter-protesters.”

Antifa-linked rioters were thrilled to learn that Aaron “Jay” Danielson had been “wearing a hat with the insignia of Patriot Prayer.” The group is described as “a right-wing group based out of Washington.” Prayer is something that radicals simply cannot tolerate. The extremists in the crowd considered themselves justified for murdering a man in cold blood simply because he “also had a side satchel with a Blue Lives Matter patch on it.” To them, that means he deserved to die. So much for social-justice.

A BLM celebration

Right after the deadly shooting, the black-clad crowd “appears to be celebrating the news” The Blaze reports. As shown in the video making the rounds of social-media, an organizer with a bullhorn yells, “tonight I just got word, the person who died was a Patriot Prayer person.” The mob starts to cheer. “He was a f***ing Nazi. Our community held its own and took out the trash. I’m not going to shed any tears over a Nazi.” A young and valuable member of his community lost his life to lawlessness and disorder yet they consider it “taking out the trash.” Worse, city and state government officials agree with them.

The liberal leaders have disarmed the police and ordered them to allow Black Lives Matter “protesters” to burn the city to the ground. That’s how anarchists with megaphones can get away with inciting the crowd into even more hate and violence with inflammatory rhetoric like, “If ya’ll are not angry, you’re not paying attention. If ya’ll are not angry, you’re not with me! Everybody needs to realize what’s going on in the community. Our community can hold its own without the police. We can take out the trash on our own.”

As political commentator Robby Starbuck tweeted, “Listen to these insane leftists cheer that a Trump voter was murdered tonight in Portland. This is absolutely sick.” The BLM crowd were ecstatic. “The energy here is joyous now. Dancing, chanting, an American flag burns, and this dude has a dope sign.” That’s about when the infamous “Trumpet Man” decided to make an appearance. The city has been comfortably housing him and the other violent radicals in their very own government supplied shelters between riots.

  1. The thugs were out of uniform. They should have been wearing brown. The real fascists are running the city and permitting domestic terrorism. The Weimar Republic lives in Portland. I’m waistcoat the little guy with the square mustache to show up any day now. This is sad.

  2. time to permently end all blm,antifa rioters gas them then open alcatrz and dump them there or better yet work camps to clean up all the destruction if they resist authorities need to shoot them as they would a rabid dog

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