Obama Admin Covered Up Plot Shredding Evidence

When deep state forces of darkness in the Barack Obama administration got a letter from the British Embassy shredding the credibility of their minion, Christopher Steele, they quickly buried it. Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, wants to know where it went. As usual, Nunes laments, the only documents that seem to disappear are the ones “really important for the Trump administration and Republicans.”

Deep State Spies in the Obama administration

Every day we’re learning disturbing new things about the deep state secret spy network that lurked in the shadows of the corrupt Department of Injustice under Barack Obama, which gives orders to the Federal Bureau of Instigation.

When Susan Rice saw the letter from the British Embassy, she made sure that the other copy, which was supposed to have gone to President Donald Trump’s incoming intelligence transition team, was never seen by anybody who wasn’t already part of the plot to overturn the election. It vanished. Devin Nunes wants to know where it went and who hid it from the President.

You can be certain that the judges on the FISA court never saw a copy of the letter warning President Trump’s incoming national security team that Christopher Steele was a lying rat, without a single shred of credibility, and that he was out to get the President. That is the exact opposite of what they told the court who approved a wiretap on Carter Page, who never did anything wrong except have a phone number that rang inside Trump Tower.

Evidence that could clear Lt. General Michael Flynn

On Sunday, California lawmaker Devin Nunes told Fox that documents unsealed in the federal case involving retired Lt. General Michael Flynn mention the letter. That opens the door for the crucial evidence to be tracked down and made public. Nunes explains that when Trump was elected, the British Embassy sent a memo to “the incoming national security team” and also to “outgoing national security adviser Susan Rice,” who worked closely with Obama.

Flynn was broken down by the relentless witch-hunt interrogation in the torture chamber of Robert Mueller’s inquisition. By the time they got through with the thumbscrews and the blowtorch, Flynn was ready to agree to anything. He signed a guilty plea. Now he has better lawyers. His current counsel, Sidney Powell is fighting hard for a full dismissal in light of the FBI’s abuse.

Follow the bouncing memo

From what they already know, the document “apparently disavows former British Secret Service Agent Christopher Steele, calls his credibility into question and declares him untrustworthy.” It’s gone. “Now look, that document went missing,” Nunes exclaimed. Nunes has been watching the Flynn case closely, hoping for a chance to get at the letter.

“I know there are witnesses out there that know this. And I hope that the judge in this case will actually get those witnesses that know this document exists and let them come in and talk to the court or at least give an affidavit to the court,” he mentioned back in September of last year. He recently mentioned he has subpoenas for “dirty cops” all ready to roll.

“Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have asked, but like everything on this Russia hoax, the documents seem to disappear that are really important for the Trump administration and Republicans”

Others are looking for the lost memo too

President Trump’s new Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, was looking for the same letter a year ago. In May, he sent a request off to the DOJ asking for a copy of the memo “after its existence was revealed by a whistleblower.”

Based on what his source told him, he demanded charges be brought against somebody. “Based on my conversations with that individual, and the credible time lines that are supported by other events, I made a referral to Attorney General William Barr and Inspector General Michael Horowitz for further investigation.”

Now, he knows it’s even worse than he thought back then. “There now is overwhelming evidence to suggest that on multiple occasions the FBI was warned that Christopher Steele and the dossier had severe credibility issues.” Horowitz already determined that the FBI flat out lied to the judges at least 17 times in the proceedings related to Carter Page alone.

Three key provisions in the laws that allow the secret wiretapping of suspected criminals are about to expire. The deep state faction does not have enough votes to pass a “clean” renewal so unless meaningful reforms are negotiated in the next few days, the entire program will be scrapped.

  1. The Obama years were the criminal cabal years, the gop did nothing to stop Obama. Now you are to believe that Biden is honest and moderate. Come on man, just believe me, I am not a radical or a puppet to the commies.

  2. Now nothing was done to Trump that has not been done by the FBI to every person who has survived the Presidential Primary or the Vice President pick. Now why would anyone think that the Government of this USA would let someone set in the highest office with access to the highest Secret documents without a full and total investigation. It was during that investigation that the FBI discovered that the Trump Campaign was conferring with Russian Intel agents, and they were suppose to ignore that just because Trump was the persons name.
    Now any one going to access Secret or above material or equipment has had the same investigation Trump had, now if any other person found to have communication with any other countries intel agents would never have gotten any clearance.

    1. Really are uniformed or just playing stupid…Oreo Obama was a Kenya born muslim, hillary gave out secrets over her blackberry, cnn and most mainstream media’s are propaganda outlets for communist brain washing, which has been working for years on the democrat base!
      This does not happen to every incoming president because if it did the Muslim would not have been the 44th!

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