Stay Calm But Quarantine The Left coast NOW

President Donald Trump and the coronavirus task force urged Americans to stay calm on Saturday. There’s no reason, Trump assures, “to panic at all.” Meanwhile, over on the left-coast, 124 of the nursing staff at Sacramento’s UC Davis Medical Center were quarantined due to their lack of preparedness. On top of that, the state is currently monitoring “more than 8,400 people who arrived on commercial flights for coronavirus symptoms.” Test kits are on the way. By the time the results come back, San Francisco may look like Wuhan. The time to quarantine the entire state of California is now.

President advises ‘stay calm’ and stay home.

President Donald Trump gathered the new coronavirus task force headed by Vice President Mike Pence for a press conference at the White House on Saturday. He assured the public that the administration is taking the threat seriously and appropriate steps have been taken. There isn’t any magic wand though and things will get worse before they get better. “Additional cases in the US are likely but healthy individuals should be able to fully recover,” The President said. “We respectfully ask the media and politicians and everybody else involved not do anything to incite the panic, because there’s no reason to panic at all.” The team laid out the strategy.

Mike Pence announced additional travel restrictions on people coming in from the virus hot spots like Iran, and urged Americans to avoid travel to similar places. “We are urging Americans to not travel to the areas in Italy and the areas in South Korea that are most affected by the coronavirus.” He made a point to emphasize that “the average American does not need to go out and buy a mask.” Let those who really need them have our current supply, while we ramp up to produce “at least 35 million more masks per month.” Gloves, gowns and other needed items are also on the way. President Trump will be sitting down with the pharmaceutical companies on Monday to see what can be done to expedite a vaccine.

As far as the stock markets are concerned, despite the liberal gloom and doom, “the markets are very strong.” and will all come back. The big problem is bringing the situation into focus. “It’s certainly not a good situation. When you lose travel that’s a big part of market. But for a period of time we’re going to have to do what’s necessary.” Safety and health are the President’s number one priority. “The markets will take care of themselves.” George Soros has issued orders to all the New World Order progressives to “politicize” the coronavirus. The artificial Democrat panic is nothing but a “hoax.”


Quarantine California before its too late

Even though President Trump is advising everyone to stay calm, Californians are getting very nervous. Through a lack of preparedness, a patient was treated for days by two different hospitals before they tested positive for the coronavirus. There weren’t any signs the patient needed to be tested because she hadn’t been near any known cases. The protocol has been changed so that any time a doctor feels a patient should have a test, they will get a test, as they become available.

Right now, health officials are scrambling to contain the damage. 124 of the front-line healthcare professionals, including 36 registered nurses, are under quarantine. The last thing you need in an outbreak is a shortage of nurses. “This patient was transferred to us from another hospital in Northern California on Wednesday, February 19. Since the patient did not meet the existing CDC criteria for COVID-19, a test was not administered immediately. UC Davis Health does not control the testing process.” Good thing this isn’t Ebola or they would all be dead.

Now, health officials are trying to figure out who all 124 of those health care workers have been in contact with in the past 10 days. Then they have to track down who all those people came in contact with. By the time the test kits get here and all those people actually get tested, the virus could spread coast-to-coast. On top of that, Reuters reports that California is monitoring more than 8,400 people who arrived on commercial flights for coronavirus symptoms from “points of concern,” but the state lacks test kits. All travel in and out of California should stop NOW!

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