Threat: ‘Don’t be a Trump Supporter in Portland’

Judging by the comments that reporter James Klug got when he interviewed folks on the streets of BLM-occupied Oregon, deplorable Trump supporters aren’t welcome. If one happens to get themselves murdered, well, “tough luck. Don’t be a f-ing Trump supporter in Portland.” A rabble army of Antifa supporting anarchists has occupied various liberal cities, claiming territory under the Black Lives Matter banner. State and city officials have surrendered, ordering police to stand by, while rampant looting and arson is endorsed as protected free speech.

Portland police not allowed to enforce laws

Since the Portland police aren’t allowed to enforce the laws, there’s nobody to prevent far-right second amendment supporters from volunteering their services. They will probably be extremely effective when they fully come into play, but for now, just an armed or even unarmed presence of a unified conservative show of force is enough to intimidate the anarchists into unprovoked action.

In one of the most shocking segments of Klug’s street interview, a radical young woman was thrilled to learn a deplorable conservative had been killed. Klug informed her that “there was a shooting of a Trump supporter, recently.” Aaron Jay Danielson was fatally shot. “Awesome! So the (expletive) what? He got shot. Is he alive?” When Klug replied, “I believe he died,” you could hear all the socially-active concern in her voice as she casually observed “Tough luck. Don’t be a (expletive) Trump supporter in Portland.” Black Lives Matter but Trump supporters are something to be scraped off your shoe.

Of course, the video went viral and eventually made it’s way to be shared with Donald Trump Jr. who shared it some more, this time with the caption,”Sick and twisted!” She wasn’t the only hardcore radical in Portland either. Another local resident responded to Klug’s questions about the nightly riots by advising everyone to get used to it. “We are here to stay, like, if it take throwing (expletive) fireworks at policemen, like, it has to happen.” Police may let that happen but when they start lighting fireworks in the faces of militia members it won’t be Roman candles coming back their way.

Violence, looting, and arson

There are still a few reasonable residents in Portland. Some of those interviewed “support the protests” but not the riots. “They do not support he violence, looting, arson, or destruction of property that has also been happening.” One moderate asked if he agreed with “the abolishment of the police department” replied, “No. Negative.”

In the incident which led to the death of Aaron Danielson, a witness described how he was with the deceased when they were “hunted down” by anarchists prowling through Portland simply because of their “Patriot Prayer hats.” Antifa-worshiping BLM looters were on the lookout. “We’ve got a couple of ’em right here, pull it out, pull it out! That’s what they said.”

According to the patriot, it didn’t “register until the shots went off” that they were being ambushed. “The shooter took off running.” It took him a second or two to process before he realized “they executed my partner.” It was like just that movie nobody wanted released which pitted liberals against deplorables. “They hunted him down. They hunted us down. They recognized our Patriot Prayer hats.” His friend had been shot in the chest. “They blew out his heart. Jay’s dead because he believes something different.” Portland police were nowhere to be found.

The Portland killer, 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl calmly told Vice News, “Lots of lawyers suggest that I shouldn’t even be saying anything, but I feel it’s important that the world at least gets a little bit of what’s really going on because there’s been a lot of propaganda put out there. I had no choice, I mean, I had a choice. I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color, but I wasn’t gonna do that.” Neither Danielson or his partner were armed, only the killer, who as Christopher Wray would say, “self-identifies” as being “100% Antifa all the way.” Even though “Antifa” doesn’t actually exist to the FBI. He has also “repeatedly expressed his support for Black Lives Matter. Not only that, even his sister doesn’t like him. He “stole medication from their mother” and “he was a ‘jerk’ who was ‘verbally cruel.'”

  1. All too many liberals want anarchy, yet they don’t understand the tyrannical consequences. This seems to be ample evidence of a mental illness.

  2. The people of Portland must be pussies to let this go on and on. I can’t see this happening in my area as there would be lots of dead mother f**kers.


  3. People got mad about my saying this but I still think it would be the best solution to the rioting. I say have all the law abiding people and the police out of Portland and then Trump should carpet bomb the entire city into dust. This would one remove a massive number of IGNORANT LIBERALS from both the Gene Pool and the voting group as well. This would also let these other IDIOTS rioting that they are facing being completely wiped off the face of the Earth as they should be.

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