President Trumps Bombshell Announcement About Dr. Fauci

Trump has mentioned Fauci “is a nice man, but he’s made a lot of mistakes”.  Trump isn’t interested in retaliation. He’d just fire Fauci and get somebody else in there straight away, no need for vengeance.  Fauci might be more believable if he didn’t sound more nebulous than other doctors. He doesn’t work in the field. He doesn’t speak with doctors that have boots on the ground dealing with this.

Dr. Fauci speaks in generalities, nothing specific

A lawsuit against Fauci for suggesting anything otherwise probably wouldn’t go anywhere. Plausible deniability would be the defense since the virus was unknown. He should be free to speak in more concrete terms.

Anybody talking with a doctor over an ailment is often going to start with generalities. The problem would be narrowed down depending on symptoms.

“Doctors disagree all the time”

It’s common for people to go for at least second opinions. Would it be possible to have a consensus among a team of doctors?  With consensus a decision on masks might have been different.  Trump noted that at first Fauci didn’t think masks weren’t necessary.  That decision was reversed to encourage masks.

Based on available facts there would be a lot of change. There might be a lot less fear. Hospitals and doctors over the past several months have seen enough cases to determine what this is and how to combat it. Unless numbers are being manipulated for political purposes…There has been reports of number manipulation.  Hospitals have been paid more to list a death as COVID related.


Fauci still thinks we’re in the first wave

Fauci asked why people are talking about a second wave. In his opinion, we haven’t left the first one yet. You might want to ask the media that question.

The media is an arm of the DNC that absolutely despises Trump. The DNC wants Trump to at least look bad, regardless the harm done to America.  Now the media just makes up news.  It stopped just reporting news years ago.

    1. Fauci needs to get out of our government and go to China or Russia. He is no more than a drag on President Trump and this nation. I hope President Trump fires his treasonous azz.

      1. Fauci gave $3.7M to China to study the bat virus. Why would he give money to a Chinese lab to study this virus. Doesn’t the US have enough labs in our country to study viruses. We have the largest CDC laboratories. Why give moneyto China that has caused Mers and Sars viruses. Did Fauci get paid for giving US money to China. Fauci should be investigated for doing this without permission of CDC or US government. His money helped China study the bat virus and then spread it around the world. US has lost 1/4 of people who died from this virus around the world. China is our enemy. Why did Fauci cooperated with the enemy? Investigate.

      2. It sure appears he is directly responsible for the virus. Look up Dr. Judy Mikovits video interview, she worked with him. He is a rat bastard, liar and traitor. This is just more attempts by the domestic terrorists to ruin the economy. It is killing small businesses too.

    2. The BOMBSHELL is the DEMOCRATIC Party has done NOTHING ever since Trump took office; EXCEPT for spending taxpayers money in tune of millions of dollars to cook up a FAKE Russia gate theory to try & IMPEACH OUR President. And now they want to turn OUR country into just another 3RD WORLD COUNTRY. DEMOCRATS BETTER WAJE UP.

  1. “Irregardless” is not a valid word. Yes, some people use it, but the correct word is “regardless”, not “irregardless”!

  2. Not being in the medical field I do not like to critique but this guy seems to go which ever way the wing isblowi g at the moment . No need for masks, Wearing a mask important , the man can’t seem to make up his mind . I can understand reluctance to speak about a virus that little is known about but if the man is such an expert surely he has some sort of idea on what is going on . At least enough to take some sort of stance as to how best combat it till a cure or immunization is found .

    1. Wyatt: Fauci is in bed with Bill Gates, you know the one who gave the young girls in South Africa(? get correct actual location) a vaccination and they turned sterile, he along with tall willie stand to profit majorly from the sale of any vaccine for the China Virus. He is also a hidden member of the deeeeeep state, look at his actions and prove me wrong. He’s a hitlery lover to boot. need I say more? I don’t think so.

  3. Fauci obfuscated and perpetuated misinformation and data analysis. Why? We’ll probably never know, but I’ve long taken the CDC,NIH, NIID and other psuedo-governmental alphabet Medical Agencies advice, predictions and conclusions with a grain of salt. They’re politically motivated first and foremost. Self Perpetuating and Promoting second. Actual Medical knowledge, Disease Prevention, Treatment and Eradication is a dismal third at best. Tossing the WHO in the trash was long overdue.

  4. Irregardless, I can’t get past the verb mismatch”, There has been reports.”
    And Webster, two weeks ago, said it is a word; sigh.

    But this comment are not focusing on the report at hand about the Dr. It is just a bunch of irregardlessness!

    Enjoy your day.

  5. Schools must not be teaching people English anymore:

    Here is the definition per Merriam Webster Dictionary (if anyone uses a dictionary anymore…otherwise Google the word).

    Definition of irregardless
    I told them that irregardless of what you read in books, they’s some members of the theatrical profession that occasionally visits the place where they sleep.

    1. While I read your posts regarding English, it should be known that ‘Schools teach nothing at all!’

      A “school” is a mere building. Teachers teach!


  6. Dr. Fauci is clearly politically motivated. He is a career federal government employee in the CDC. He is a friend of Hillary Clinton. He was videotaped flashing a thumbs up to someone in the press pool after a Covid19 presser while walking off the stage. The reason for the switch from “masks do not help” to “we all should be wearing them” came not because he made a mistake; rather, he was no doubt informed that he must change his mind to help create the false fear ridden environment we now find ourselves in. This is all to damage the re-election chances of President Trump.

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