If Rioters Can Gather in Large Crowds So Can Racing Fans…Speedway Skirts Covid Rules With Clever Action Allowing 2000 Fans to Attend

Americans aren’t stupid. We’re also not afraid of shining a bright light on hypocrisy. Liberals hate that. It’s too bad though that the hypocrisy doesn’t stop. It just embarrasses them. They might yell and scream and try to ban that something or shut up and ignore it. Hope it just goes away. The light is being shown in this case on the glaring double standard. The COVID rules only apply to law abiding citizens because you can’t shut down “protests”.

The COVID emergency status should be relaxed

And everybody knows it. When the scare first came through, you could conceivably justify shutting things down. We didn’t know what we were dealing with or at least that’s the information we were given.

Not unlike Bush, sabotage exists around each corner. Democrats have been trying to trash Republicans for many years. Make them look bad any way possible.

Intelligence might not be intelligent

Dr. Fauci is still not telling us anything solid. This may happen, that may happen. Well, regardless of what COVID does and what we do to fight it, we still need income or we’re going to die of homelessness and hunger. The virus would be a quicker death!

Americans are tired of double speak, that’s why we hired Trump. Give it us straight! We’re Americans, we’re adults. We can take the facts as we know them and put a solution together. American ingenuity has always worked.

The numbers that started coming in 6 – 8 weeks after COVID hit were suggesting the fear was way overblown. That started getting out and shut down proponents started panicking. Even with data manipulation the COVID death rate was equivalent to seasonal flu. We don’t shut down the country for the flu!

Even with COVID we have a sense of humor

A sense of humor is so important. It helps us get through some horrific times. So if large gatherings in COVID times are allowed for protests, we’ll just name each gathering a protest. They’re starting to pop up. “Bring your complaint or gripe, I’ll bring the BBQ” is one such paraphrased listing seen on social media.

Racing fans can see the humor in the COVID work around too. Liberals are going to have to think of another way to shut down large gatherings because eventually they’ll work their way back into the Trump rallies liberals are so afraid of. Keep American Great!

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