Grenell Makes a Move Towards Nationalism, Gives Americans What They Asked For

Richard Grenell made some ninja moves toward nationalism on his way out the Federal Chancellery door, lighting the fuse to blast his bridge with Germany into a smoking set of stumps on Wednesday. He told Berlin in flaming letters Americans are getting what they asked for, whether Europe likes it or not. The former acting top intelligence official turns out to be America’s gay James Bond.

Ambassador’s nationalism leaves Berlin shell-shocked

Our outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Germany totally understands the principals of nationalism. Richard Grenell has been making quite a spectacular exit from politics. He lobbed not one but two separate grenades over his shoulder as he left the White House intelligence office. He didn’t just burn his bridge with Germany, he blasted it with explosives.

The departing diplomat casually kissed his dear friend Angela Merkel goodbye and whispered in her ear, sorry darling, but we’re pulling out our troops. “American taxpayers no longer feel like paying too much for the defense of other countries.” besides that, Angela owes Vladimir Putin just a few too many favors. Trump wanted Merkel to throw more into the collective defense kitty and she spent the money funding illegal aliens instead. She buys all Germany’s fuel from Russia so that means she’s Putin’s “captive.” Trump insists.

The United States is planning to withdraw 9,500 troops from Germany. President Donald Trump made the decision based on his America First principles of nationalism and issued the order. Grenell hand carried it to Berlin and lit the fuse. Heads exploded across Europe when they heard that Germany has to pay for their own security. Reuters notes it “blindsided a number of senior national security officials.” Still, 25,000 U.S. soldiers will remain. As Grenell, the first openly gay cabinet member pointed out, “that’s no small number.”

Devastation to the intelligence community

Grenell is putting politics behind him for a while but his Rambo style exit has Americans looking at him like a super hero defender of nationalism. He’s the first acting Director of National Intelligence to act like he has intelligence. He threw one grenade over his shoulder on the way out of the White House when he “declassified more documents tied to the origins of the Russia investigation.”

He wrapped it all up with a bow and a card to Virginia Senator Mark Warner. The note said that the box contained all of the documents just released which Warner covered up when he cherry picked what to provide the public. All the proof that says the FBI knew all along there was “nothing there.”

Just to make sure that the none of the dazed democrats escaped unscathed, he tossed another grenade at the entire Barack Obama administration and their “incestuous” relationship with the media. “The Russia investigation “was a big hoax,” he told Dave Rubin. There were “red flags early on in the Russian investigation from a variety of agencies.” All sorts of comments “from people coming forward and saying this Russian stuff is not true.” Obama officials hid it. They “classified that information and pushed it away. I’ve seen that information and I’ve called for it to be declassified.”

Not only that, “the Obama Administration weaponized the intelligence agencies to go after their political enemies. I don’t care what anyone tries to spin and say, that’s exactly what happened.” It’s no wonder that President Trump and his policy of America First nationalism has liberals rioting in the streets.

  1. Now some might just relish Nationalism but they should look at the history of Nationalism, it has never worked in the modern era with international trade and commerce. Nationalism is not just being proud of your country it is much more once you declare it, it does not take long after Nationalism before the country slips into Autocratic rule where no one has any rights just the few who run government nd the corrupt Oligarchs, like in Russia, and if you do not do it their way hey turn on you and put you in prison in there kangaroo court system.

    1. Absolute NONSENSE Robert . . . like in Russia ? . . . . that is insane!
      What slips countries into Autocratic Rule is Socialism . . . Vlad Lenin even said so . . .

      Nationalism = Patriotism . . . look it up in your Funk & Wagnals.

      Socialism/Marxism is the foundation of Communism, Fascism and the Dem Party today!

  2. Daresay we still need Richard Grenell as a security adviser to President Trump. Nothing seems to escape his X-ray vision!

  3. Think Richard Grennell is great, I think he could do great things if he wants to go into further politics. He showed me that he has the courage to do what’s right. I hope he does have aspirations.

  4. Richard Grenell is a true patriot! We need so many more just like him in Washington. I don’t think it was appropriate or necessary to include the adjective “gay” to preface the comment he is America’s James Bond. He IS America’s James Bond! Period. Thank you Mr. Grenell for your outstanding efforts to so dutifully represent your/our country’s interests. You sir are a credit, a huge credit, to our beloved nation.

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