Graham And Paul Team To Strip Deep State Tools

The secret spooks lurking in the Deep State shadows of the Federal Bureau of Instigation just lost their bag of burglar tools. Adam Schiff wouldn’t allow his minion Jerrold Nadler to sign off on any kind of serious reforms to protect the privacy of American citizens, so defenders of justice like Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul walked away from the table. By default, three crucial provisions which allow the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to be illegally weaponized as a one-sided secret “star chamber” expire completely on Sunday.

Sun sets on Deep State spy tools

Senators abandoned Washington on Thursday after failing to reach an agreement, so controversial spy laws which jeopardize the privacy rights of ordinary Americans will expire as scheduled on Sunday. Bipartisan negotiations to end the Deep State abuses of power through meaningful reforms collapsed. The spy kit full of power tools may get handed back to the intelligence community when the Senate comes back to work after their recess, but all the weight will be on the conservative side of the table now.

Lindsey Graham was almost ready to sign off on the reforms crafted by the House, which Jim Jordan also called a big step in the right direction, but Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee weren’t convinced that they went nearly far enough. The concessions obtained by the house weren’t accepted by the Senate. “We’re not a rubberstamp for the House of Representatives,” Lee insists. “We’re certainly not a rubber stamp for the Deep State.”

Extending the provisions temporarily without making reforms was entirely out of the question. “I’ll let us go dark,” declared Sen. Richard Burr, the chairman of the Intelligence committee.

“Senate Republican leaders are trying to ram through fake FISA amendments without any real changes,” tweeted Senator Rand Paul. “I will object. I continue to stand with @realDonaldTrump in his reservations to this bill.”


A remedy for the one-sided secrecy

This issue is so serious that reasonable Democrats are just as furious as Republicans over the potential abuse. The same tools used against Trump could just as easily be used against Democrats. One of the biggest sticking points is an amendment originally proposed by Democrat lawmaker Zoe Lofgren. Jerrod Nadler was ordered by Adam Schiff not to take his medicine. They called her proposal a “poison pill” and suddenly canceled the recent markdown session.

Lofgren addressed a major point that the privacy watchdogs all want to see. There should be some kind of advocate for the accused in the proceedings. The way it stands right now, everything is one-sided. The court has no choice. They’re forced to trust the questionable testimony of biased agents and lawyers.

That is exactly how the FISA court was tricked into allowing candidate Donald Trump’s phone calls to be monitored through the wiretap illegally obtained against Carter Page. There should have been a lawyer representing Page’s interests going through the FBI evidence with a fine tooth comb, which would have exposed the intentional lies. According to Inspector General Michael Horowitz, the FBI flat out lied to the court at least 17 times over four separate proceedings related to Page’s politically motivated wiretap warrant and its extensions.

If the Senate does decide to reauthorize the FISA provisions at some time in the future, President Trump will still need to approve the deal. He’ll make sure that the safety measures are in place. “Many Republican Senators want me to Veto the FISA Bill until we find out what led to, and happened with, the illegal attempted “coup” of the duly elected President of the United States, and others!,” he tweeted.

  1. Senator Graham & Senator Paul are two of the best and most honest politicians we have these days along with our President. The public is in for a BIG SHOCK if our President doesn’t win. The “Deep State” has huge plans for our Country and you will think Bernie Sanders won be-cause he told the truth about what he is and his plans. Deep State will just surprise all of us with Socialism/Communism and turn our Country inside out then you will see how stupid Hollywood actors are—-they think money makes them smart—-What a joke, look at sweet Cher, she hates Mr. Trump for some stupid reason we haven’t had a better President for many years. It looks like Dems are going to cheat their way in one way or another. Average people plan on living like the people of Venezuela starving in the streets!!!

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