Intimation Surfaces and Threats Are Made

Liberals worldwide aren’t happy with Elon Musk so the rats and intimidation surface. Both the European Union and the United Kingdom have threatened the platform with severe penalties if free speech is allowed. Twitter could be banned and sanctioned in Europe if he doesn’t comply. New legislation is in the works to combat the expression of opposing views. “Hate speech” maybe redefined.

Countries threaten Musk

The EU Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton said Twitter might not be able to operate there.

“We welcome everyone. We are open but on our conditions. At least we know what to tell him: ‘Elon, there are rules. You are welcome but these are our rules. It’s not your rules which will apply here.’ Anyone who wants to benefit from this market will have to [fulfill] our rules. The board [of Twitter] will have to make sure that if it operates in Europe it will have to [fulfill] the obligations, including moderation, open algorithms, freedom of speech, transparency in rules, obligations to comply with our own rules for hate speech, revenge porn [and] harassment. If [Twitter] does not comply with our law, there are sanctions — 6 per cent of the revenue and, if they continue, banned from operating in Europe.”

Freedom of speech, as long as Twitter has speech Europe likes. A spokesman for U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was more vague, saying that “[regardless] of ownership, all social media platforms must be responsible. That includes protecting users from harm on their sites.”

Musk will be making changes

People already knew that. Changes maybe made abroad too. The EU has laws already in place plus a Digital Services Act that is pending.

The United Kingdom has an Online Safety Bill also pending. If they’re pending, language might be amended around what Musk does.

Musk’s statement

He thought Twitter could be so much more than what it is. “I think it’s very important for there to be an inclusive arena for free speech. Twitter has become kind of the de facto town square, so it’s really important that people have both the reality and perception that they’re able to speak freely within the bounds of the law.”

The EU already had an ecommerce directive. It was put together when Amazon and Facebook were young and was aimed at keeping abuse or lawlessness on the internet down. The Digital Services Act is geared more toward social media.

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