Ron DeSantis TAKES DOWN Nasty Liberal Reporter

MSNBC’s Joy Reid throws around the race card more than Al Sharpton

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a frequent target of her rhetoric.

Right now, Governor DeSantis is the man of the hour, so Reid figured she would try to get him on her show to cash in.

DeSantis had a rather interesting response for her.


If you recall, it was about two months ago when the ladies on “The View” wanted DeSantis to appear on their show.

DeSantis saw no purpose in going on a show with staff members who regularly accuse him of being a Nazi.

So, he turned them down.

Reid got the same response.

Reid decided to make a snide comment about DeSantis’ face when Biden started talking about climate change while touring the destruction of Hurricane Ian.

DeSantis’ office put her right back in her place…

I love the fact that DeSantis leaves these people stewing.

He knows it would be a setup, so why even bother?

Why give them the ratings boost from conservative viewers that would watch the show just to see him?

Well done, Governor!

Source: Fox News

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