New Biden Team Revelations Show Inner Turmoil Bubbling

Biden Administration officials are desperate to end their border headache, according to the New York Times. A Supreme Court order which contradicted White House policy was reportedly a great relief to some in the administration who have struggled to find a way out of a border crisis which has been caused by the spread of a perception of this administration as one which will be exceptionally tolerant of illegal immigration.

Biden forced to live with his crisis

As an administration which came into office with a firm promise to undo every possible aspect of the Trump legacy, some of the crises faced by the Biden White House have been self-inflicted.

The massive surge in illegal immigrants seeking to cross the southern border is largely a result of the common perception that the president is willing to take these people in.

With each individual who successfully makes an illegal border crossing that perception is strengthened, to the detriment of the sanity of administration officials.

Biden’s subordinates are clearly aware of how disastrous the image of a lenient border policy has been but the president has done nothing to address the damage, hence the relief at the Supreme Court order.

The White House is politically incapable of doing anything which might seriously slow the tide of illegal immigrants at this stage.

After years spent attacking Trump for his attempts to crack down on illegal border crossings, Democrats must now live with the reality of what they have encouraged.


Unable to act

A decision by the Supreme Court which forces a return to a productive Trump era policy is in some ways the best case scenario for exasperated administration officials.

One of the many detrimental effects of blindly fanatical political polarization is that even those Trump policies which Biden staffers would like to retain must be condemned by Biden to appease voters who instinctively oppose anything done by the previous administration.

There was no possible way for the White House to avoid the border crisis after Biden signaled his attitude by immediately reversing border restrictions put in place by Trump.

There is no politically realistic way for Biden and his people to put a stop to what they have done now. An extreme response would be required at this point to stop the border crisis and White House officials know that this is impossible.

Forceful action which might accomplish anything on the southern border would only meet with attacks from both Republicans and Democrats. If the choice is between solving a problem or winning the next election any politician will choose the latter.

For the bureaucrats and staffers who are left struggling to handle the crisis their president has made any small measure of relief will be welcome but ultimately futile. Administration officials can only live with their headache now.

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