5yr Old Makes a Stand for Hero’s, Lets Help Get the Word Out

The kids get it. Even a 5 year old. They understand and will often help where they can. Little Sydneigh White wanted to help raise money for her local fire department. The Pennsboro Fire Department needed to buy a new pickup truck so she parked her lemonade stand outside the local Dollar General next to a fire truck. She started selling lemonade for however much people were willing to pay.

Even the kids will stand

Where they’re taught they should. Her dad, Tyler White, was blown away. “It’s amazing. You know there’s — really no words for it. She came to us after a fair, they had a First Responder Appreciation Day at our Ritchie County Fair this past month and she asked about doing a lemonade stand. Her aunt Jennifer from Georgia had bought her one for Christmas a couple of years ago and she always wanted to do one but never really talked much about it other than, you know, doing a play when in the house. And two months ago, our city council donated $15,000 towards the purchase of a pickup truck that could be used for medical calls for our community.”

White said the fire department can really use this smaller truck. They’re thinking economics. Although yes, the larger trucks can get the job done, they’re more expensive to run. Paramedics will use the larger trucks.

That lemonade stand will help

The new pickup will help to cut down on fuel costs. White was also excited his daughter wound up being great advertisement for the ice cream social the department is having October 9.

“Not being able to have bingo with COVID, being indoors — we’re just trying to come up with different fundraising ideas for the department, trying to make up for the losses that we’ve sustained,” White noted.

The little lemonade stand that could

Small things like this have been done before and people have taken off with it. The ice cream social is part of a larger time for the community to get together and have fun for a little while and talk about things.

“We’re going to have a parade,” White mentioned, “We’re going to start at the racetrack. It’s actually coinciding with Pennsboro High School alumni weekend. We’re going to start at the racetrack, come up through town to the Mile Stadium, and have a parade, a fireman’s parade. We’re inviting all the local fire departments, we’ll have awards at the Fire department afterward. We’re just looking, like I said, to fundraise and have a good time and try to bring community support back.”

Support for the stand has been fantastic

White continued, “We really appreciate the community support and especially as a father the support that the community has shown my daughter. Everybody has been absolutely amazing today.”

White spoke of another person that played a huge part in this, Ms. Kay of the Dollar General. She loved the idea of helping the FD. “Ms. Kay is awesome, “ White praised. “We came to her at the beginning of the summer and asked for couple cases of water and she then supplied, personally, every one of our fire trucks with at least two to three cases of water. And every time we run low, we stop down and she buys us more. And when Sydneigh went to her about the idea with the lemonade stand, she stepped right up and has been absolutely awesome, so she has been a huge supporter of our community and our department and we are forever grateful for her.”

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