New Whistleblower Spills the Beans About Trump

Yet another Whistleblower popped out of a Deep State mole hole to sabotage the administration. President Trump immediately chewed his head off on Twitter. The liberal media is working overtime to counteract all the recently revealed evidence which proves that Barack Obama pulled a black bag job that makes Nixon’s plumbers look like amateurs. They think that a biased official spilling the beans is going to keep all the high-ranking conspirators off the gallows.

Whistleblower slams Covid-19 response

Scheming Whistleblower Rick Bright showed up on the CBS show 60 Minutes on Sunday to talk trash about the president. He shouldn’t be surprised that the president had a few choice words to say back. The former head of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority testified in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee last week and threw the administration under the bus.

“Remember,” he whined, “the entire leadership was focused on containment. There was a belief that we could contain this virus and keep it out of the United States.” There’s only one problem with that, he muses. “Containment doesn’t work.” While you have everyone in lockdown, you need to go the extra mile, he argues. “you better be doing something in parallel to be prepared for when that virus breaks out.” He admits that he blew it. “That was my job.”

Instead of taking responsibility for the failure, Bright blames everyone else. “I am not disgruntled,” Bright sniveled, admitting he just doesn’t like republicans. “I am frustrated at a lack of leadership.”

Frustrated, not disgruntled

“Tonight they put on yet another Fake ‘Whistleblower,'” Trump tweeted. “A disgruntled employee who supports Dems, fabricates stories & spews lies.” He told 60 Minutes their “report was incorrect, which they couldn’t care less about. Fake News!”

Bright is also frustrated at what he perceives as “a lack of urgency to get a head start on developing lifesaving tools for Americans,” as if a magic wand could be waved to make it all okay. “I’m frustrated at our inability to be heard as scientists. Those things frustrate me.” He’s frustrated because Unicorn farts didn’t turn out to be a workable vaccine, and the lockdown only locked the economy into a box without doing much good at preventing the flu.

Last week, Bright was full of gloom and doom, telling the House committee that “unprecedented illness and fatalities” would occur if the U.S. coronavirus response does not improve in upcoming months.” What he didn’t tell them is that it could have been prevented if the models were accurate and the Chinese had been honest. None of those things happened and none were the fault of the president either. He just wants everyone talking about something other than Obamagate.

  1. Whistleblower My A$$… This is a disgruntled, delusional Libtard with Trump Derangement Syndrome….Cry yourselves to sleep and get ready for FOUR MORE YEARS!!!…..TRUMP/PENCE 2020 IN A MEGA LANDSLIDE.

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