These Orders Forced Them Into Censorship

Jonathan Turley knows his way around Washington politics and he’s all over the Twitter files. Not just explaining them for The Hill, but participating in the discussion on the social media platform itself. He’s obviously furious. So are folks like Tom Fitton and James Woods. What really terrifies the left is the fact they’re teaming up with Elon Musk to do something about restoring Freedom of Speech. Worse, they’re doing it right in public.

Twitter censorship in one word

To Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University Jonathan Turley, the whole Twitter censorship scandal comes down to a single word. “Handled.

That one solitary word, he writes, “speaks volumes about the thousands of documents released by Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, on Friday night.

The records are crystal clear proof confirming “there were back channels” between the platform and “the Biden 2020 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

What the social media platforms are doing today, Turley notes, is exactly the same as “the telephone company agreeing to cut the connection of any caller using disfavored terms.

Twitter and probably all the others conspired together to “ban critics or remove negative stories.” The thing that has Turley hopping mad is the fact “those seeking to discuss the scandal were simply ‘handled,’ and nothing else had to be said.

The New York Post was suspended simply for “reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.” The management team basically made up the rules as they went along and got away with the murder of free speech.

Tools to prevent kiddie-porn

At the height of the Post story censorship frenzy, Twitter pulled out the heavy artillery. Any whisper of Hunter Biden, emails, or laptop together in the same post was blocked and flagged by “a tool designed for child pornography.

Then-press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was even dragged into the censorship net and “suspended for linking to the scandal.” Everyone thought they could get away with calling it “Russian disinformation.” That, Turley points out in thorough detail, is disinformation.

The Russian disinformation claim was never particularly credible. The Biden campaign never denied the laptop was Hunter Biden’s.” That was a job for the media. “Moreover, recipients of key emails could confirm those communications,” he adds. They did.

Tony Bobulinski, for instance, came forward to the FBI voluntarily and confirmed everything. He didn’t know they already had Hunter’s laptop in their possession when he confessed to his involvement. The bureau buried it like nuclear waste. Twitter provided the shovels.

The documents Musk dumped on the public “not only confirm the worst expectations of some of us but feature many of the usual suspects for Twitter critics.” Jack Dorsey has enough “plausible deniability” to still claim his hands are clean but “the censor in chief appears to be Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s former chief legal officer who has been criticized as a leading anti-free speech figure in social media.” Then, there’s James Baker.

His name was in headlines recently along with the Michael Sussmann courtroom circus. The former FBI general counsel involved in the bureau’s “Russia collusion investigation” ended up as “Twitter’s deputy general counsel.” He happens to be the one who “found a basis for a ‘reasonable‘ assumption that Russians or hackers were behind it.” Stay tuned. This is a free-fall jump down the rabbit hole and developing rapidly.

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