Democrat Spy Liz Cheney Receives Job Promotion

Since politics is bloodsport, you say and do things to advance your career. It took an outsider to shine a spotlight on the amount of roaches in seats of power. Liz Cheney can add her name to that list. This committee was put together as an excuse to blow tax dollars and distract. Over 500 people who were at the Capitol that day are already jailed to silence them with no end in sight. We have political prisoners in America.

Liz Cheney is among traitors

Loyalty and trust in government is hard to find because everybody can be bought. Nobody operates from character anymore so when you find that, it’s strange – and threatening to the corruption.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), chairman of the committee charged with investigating the Jan. 6 incident, elevated Liz Cheney to vice chair. It’s unusual since this is dominated by Democrats. Republicans understandably refused to participate.

Liz Cheney is still criticizing President Trump

Nancy Pelosi likes that so Pelosi picked Cheney. There’s only one other Republican serving on this committee, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL).

The first hearing was held in July. Requests were sent to a variety of entities, such as federal agencies, social media and other companies that might have any documentation related to the January 6 incident.

Rep. Thompson praised Cheney

Rep. Thompson applauded her for her “bravery”. “Rep. Cheney has demonstrated again and again her commitment to getting answers about Jan. 6, ensuring accountability, and doing whatever it takes to protect democracy for the American people. Her leadership and insights have shaped the early work of the Select Committee and this appointment underscores the bipartisan nature of this effort.”

She accepted the position, saying, “Every member of this committee is dedicated to conducting a non-partisan, professional, and thorough investigation of all the relevant facts regarding January 6th and the threat to our Constitution we faced that day. We owe it to the American people to investigate everything that led up to, and transpired on, Jan. 6. We will not be deterred by threats or attempted obstruction and we will not rest until our task is complete.”

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