Biden Has Broken Down and SNAPPED

Every time Joe Biden has a prolonged public appearance, he starts to break down.

This is not exactly a secret.

Anyone can look good for 15 or 30 minutes, but make Joe stay out there for longer than that and it all starts to go south.

This has raised questions, questions which Biden is apparently growing tired of answering.

Snappin’ Joe

If you spent any time on the east coast when Biden was a Senator, you know the temper this man has when he is challenged.

That temper is coming back through again.

With more and more calls about Biden’s mental issues, he reportedly snapped, stating, “You think I don’t know how fucking old I am?”

Biden would be 82 when running for re-election if he decides to go again, and I really don’t think he has any choice.

He knows the walls are closing in and the only way he can prevent a total collapse of the Biden crime family is to remain in office and keep the DOJ under his thumb.

When Biden was recently asked about taking a mental acuity test to dispel voters concerns about his mental health, he stated, “Why the hell would I take a test?”

Don’t take the test, Joe… just keep doing what you are doing.

If you do, you may even let Donald Trump backdoor his way back into the White House.

Rest assured, though, if Ron DeSantis runs, he will clean Biden’s clock and we can finally get this country back on track.

Source: Daily Caller

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