Police Coverup…New Revelations to Obama Death

It is no secret that the Obama family has faced its fair share of controversies, and their latest one is no exception.

Tafari Campbell – Barack Obama’s personal chef – tragically drowned on Martha’s Vineyard while paddle boarding with a female companion.

This incident sparked an investigation by the Massachusetts State Police who have been caught up in a cover-up scandal ever since.

In an exclusive article from Daily Mail, it was revealed that the police are covering up basic information about Campbell’s death while still labelling it as an “accident”.

According to Justin Silverman – head of the region’s First Amendment Coalition – this is a clear abuse of public records law since they have ruled out foul play.

The police are basing their decision off of a Public Records Law exemption which allows them to withhold any information that could jeopardize their investigation.

However, they must prove how releasing such material would indeed put their case at risk if they want to keep hiding certain facts from the public.

What is even more concerning than withholding evidence from the public is that state police officials are forcing other agencies involved in response to follow suit and deny requests for information.

An example of this was seen when these officers armed departments with rejection letters which cite the state Public Records Law for not releasing recordings or materials due to potential prejudice against effective law enforcement practices.

Major Susan Schofield had already tried justifying her position before being pressed by Daily Mail but all she did was make excuses, “Sorry I’m trying to abide by the law… We don’t like to not give out information but we can’t.”

Adding fuel to fire were two pieces of evidence which suggest something fishy may be going on.

First, toxicology reports showed no drugs in Campbell’s system nor any medical episode prior to his death.

Second, there was no life jacket found on him nor any tether connecting him with his board despite being able to swim as evident from one of his own posts online prior to this incident.

Despite all these revelations life seemingly goes on normally for Barack and Michelle Obama who left Martha’s Vineyard while resuming some activities such as tennis and golf without showing any sign of distress whatsoever.

At this point it seems clear that something strange happened leading up Tafari Campbell’s death yet authorities are doing anything in their power – including manipulating public records laws -to keep people in dark about what actually happened.

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