3 Marines Spring Into Action After Witnessing a Sickening Attack

These three U.S. Marines are now being hailed as true heroes after intervening in a sickening attack at a Chick-fil-a location in North Stafford, Virginia. These men selflessly put themselves in harms away to thwart a stabbing attempt, demonstrating why our military members are so highly esteemed by our nation as a whole.

According to a report from the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, two individuals attempted to steal another man’s phone at the fast-food location when three Marines heard the struggle between them and stepped right in.

These courageous servicemembers acted swiftly and decisively to separate those involved in the altercation — even managing to break off part of one assailant’s weapon during their efforts.

Facing this strong show of bravery from our military personnel, the suspects quickly fled what could have been a much more serious incident had it not been for these heroes’ quick thinking actions that ultimately prevented any further harm or injury from taking place.

Sheriff David P. Decatur posted images on his Facebook page showcasing evidence of the Marines’ selfless courage, namely, photos of the broken knife blade used during this unfortunate incident which was safely removed from play thanks to these heroic members of our armed forces who were willing to step up when needed most.

Afterward, once it was determined that indeed someone’s phone had been stolen during this scuffle, local deputies discovered two males matching suspect descriptions nearby where they promptly recovered said property before returning it back to its rightful owner. Both suspects were arrested shortly thereafter.

The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office released a statement regarding the incident, thanking the Marines for their courageous actions:

“Thank you to the hero Marines who stepped up in order to protect the victim,” Wilbur said. He added, “Without you, this altercation could have been a lot worse.”

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