Dems and Liberal Media Take War on The White House to a Whole New Level

The Democrats and the liberal media take their war on Trump’s White House to a whole new level, and President Donald Trump is responding! Trump recently responded to a reporter by declaring that there is not a thing he can do to “satisfy the media, Democrats, and Fake News.”  Trump has been continuously attacked by the Democrats and mainstream media throughout the Coronavirus panic and his presidency.

Trump said, “I’m trying to be nice. I’m signing a bill and you criticize us. There’s nothing I can do to satisfy the media, the Democrats, or the Fake News. I understand that. We did the greatest mobilization in history, and I don’t think there was a story. Now we’re helping Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.” 

He then added, “I watched Schumer the other night, all he can talk about is testing, testing, testing. Our testing is far superior to anyone else’s testing.”

Testing, testing, testing. The liberal media has been in full overdrive with their incessant criticism over Trump’s supposed lack of testing Americans for Coronavirus. Just yesterday, CNN published an article entitled, ‘Coronavirus testing is a mess in the U.S., report says.’ This Fake News article stated that ‘Coronavirus testing in the United States is disorganized and needs coordination at the national level,’ according to a University of Minnesota report. 

However, the liberal media has been extremely disingenuous in their reporting of the government Coronavirus testing. Back in March, Trump had declared that U.S. testing had surpassed South Korea, which had been a world leader in COVID-19 testing. 

The CNN fact checkers pounced on Trump and declared that the United States “has conducted far fewer tests per capita given the US population is more than six times larger than South Korea’s.”

However, a Bloomberg writer corrected liberal CNN by stating that South Korea had “235 tests per million population,”and the United States had “325 tests per million population.”

Liberal Media Bias

The liberal media bias against Trump has become even more apparent during the Coronavirus panic. Whereas the liberal media continues to ignore ObamaGate, revelations on the origins of the Russia-Hoax, and the Biden-Ukraine issue, their hypocrisy continues to reveal itself.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been recently bombarded by the liberal media for firing Steve Linick of the State Department. The New York Times plunged into the ‘evidence’ and determined that Linick had been investigating Pompeo’s misdeeds, such as ‘inappropriately directing a staff assistant to handle domestic chores, including picking up their dry cleaning, booking restaurant reservations and walking the family dog, Sherman.’

To the leftist media, someone walking the family dog is a national scandal.

CNN continually uses propaganda to paranoid the public into social distancing measures. However, it turns a blind eye when its reporters fail to obey such criterion. Witness CNN’s White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins who immediately ripped off her mask when a White House press conference ended. Collins obviously did not realize the cameras were still rolling.

Imagine if Trump was caught ripping a mask off at the end of a meeting? Fake News would accuse him of trying to murder innocent liberal reporters. The country has not even hit the election cycle yet.  Expect Trump to continue this war on a larger level.


  1. There is one thing you could do to please the dems, libs, and fake news, although I’m not so sure the fake news would want you to leave because then they’d have to find something else to obsess over.

  2. I wonder where Schumer, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and that bunch think they will fit in with the Chinese Communist Party if they beat Trump in the election? They are the useful idiots that people mention.

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