President Trump is About to Start a War With Tech Giants, Conservatives Rejoice After Being Silenced for Years

President Donald Trump is about to start a war with Big Tech giants, and conservatives rejoice after being silenced by them for years. On Tuesday, Twitter stamped the President’s tweets with the dreaded ‘Get the facts’ label as Trump tweeted about issues using the mail-in ballots, a procedure the Democrats are pushing due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 


By clicking the ‘Get the facts about mail-in ballots’ link, the user is taken to another Twitter page that claims Trump’s opinion on mail-in ballots “are unsubstantiated, according to CNN, Washington Post and others. Experts say mail-in ballots are very rarely linked to voter fraud.”

A furious Trump responded to Twitter’s actions and accused Twitter of “interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election.”

Earlier this month, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order instructing all California counties to “send vote-by-mail ballots for the November 3, 2020 General Election to all registered voters.”

The liberal governor stated, “No Californian should be forced to risk their health in order to exercise their right to vote.”

On Tuesday, New York Times’ technology and opinion writer Kara Swisher wrote an op-ed article entitled, ‘Twitter Must Cleanse the Trump Stain’, urging Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to ban Donald Trump for tweeting about a “much-debunked and vile conspiracy theory” regarding the death of Lori Klausutis, a staffer of MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who was then a Republican congressman. 

Klausustis was found dead in Scarborough’s office in July of 2010. It was reported that Klausustis’s death was a result of heart failure and that she hit her head on a desk while passing out. However, there had been rumors of an affair between Klausustis and Scarborough. Trump recently tweeted about the incident.

Big Tech After Trump and Conservatives

Donald Trump is not the first conservative targeted by Big Tech. The list is long, especially after the election of Trump. Big Tech had supported Democrat Hillary Clinton in the Presidential Election. 

In 2019, conservative actor James Woods was banned by Twitter. Woods, who tweeted often in support of Trump, was banned for quoting poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. It was deemed Woods’ tweet was “abusive behavior, an attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice.” 

Woods tweeted, “If you try to kill the King, you better not miss,” along with the hashtag, ‘#HangThemAll.’

In 2018, conservative talk show host Alex Jones of InfoWars, was banned by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Spotify. Liberal comedian, Stephen Colbert, praised the censorship of Jones, who interviewed Trump on InfoWars during the 2016 Presidential campaign, by doing a sketch insinuating that the InfoWars host wanted a “race war.”

With the 2020 Presidential campaign about to commence, expect Big Tech to continue to suppress and censor conservatives as the tech giants continue to try to manipulate public opinion to defeat President Trump and raise a Democrat into the White House.


  1. Thry need to be slapped down. Trump should do it because it’s right….not just because it’s an election year.
    Reclassify them so they have to allow free speech.

  2. I’ve gotten lots of those notices on FB. Been in FB jail many times. Not for violent speech, or racist speech, or hate speech, or foul language……….. Apparently they just don’t like my point of view.

  3. What a fair process we have to guarantee that citizens are afforded all of the freedom of speech rights to which they are entitled. Donald Trump-our president-can say anything he wants and the social media criminals have the current Democrat Vice-President’s sidekick rule on whether what he said was true or not, and then to give you the real truth according to the media. This is so blatantly unfair that the officers of the social media company should be jailed for even thinking of it. This is the very reason I don’t tweet, I don’t belong to Facebook and I’m trying so hard to avoid Google-all are criminals. Google is so in the tank for the left that you can’t get one damned piece of worthwhile information from them anymore. Ask a question and if they get the impression you are attempting to make a case for conservatism, all you get is Gobblety Google-a bunch of bull shit that is so damned far away from the question asked that it isn’t possible to tie the answer to the question. I have tried other companies, like Duck Duck Go, but it’s obvious they have the same programmers.

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