Alert: People are Being Forced to Quit Their Jobs Over Showing Support for President Trump

It can happen to anybody. You might be in an area of the nation and/or work at a place who’s beliefs and politics are opposite yours. If that is discovered, you can be forced out with no reason given. The attitude at your workplace might suddenly become so incredibly foul. Before people knew which side of the fence you were on, people assumed you believed the same way. Overnight, the atmosphere becomes hostile.

Gives “forced segregation” a new meaning

You’re the same person that walked in the door the day before. The only difference is the atmosphere in the building is of Trump Derangement Syndrome. That fierce, unstable hate cannot tolerate somebody that believes differently.

Diane Hendricks found that door slammed in her face, forcing her to choose the much more comfortable path of a Trump Victory Committee.

Because nobody should be forced to stay in an abusive relationship

Colleges are now horribly liberal, forcing hive mentality on young people that might have come from households that believed differently. Every conservative household fears not being able to speak to their college educated offspring due to the poisoning.

Diane Hendricks is a self made billionaire which is a distinctly American trait. She co founded ABC Supply. Once she was appointed to chair the Trump Victory Committee, the cancel culture in Beloit College forced her out.

The silence from the forced removal is deafening

Newsbreak said Beloit College “suffered a blow.” No, the college just makes it look that way. Looks and reality are the opposite. School leaders “acknowledged the departure but gave no reason”. And they won’t, at least not publicly. Three other respected colleagues were forced out as well, Jim Packard, Chuck McQuaid and Jim Sanger.

The federal money needs to be removed from education. Horace Mann was the pioneer that thought government should control education. Education should never have left the home.

  1. Our education system is not for educating our youth to find and hold good jobs but to indoctrinate them into becoming good little socialist with no tolerance for any opinion except a socialistic one. Problem is socialism does not work but turns the people into slaves for the dictatorship government while the people suffer. Venezuela is a fine example of socialism. People are starving and eating pets as well as rats while the rulers are eating the best steaks and lobsters. SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK AND DEMOCRATS DO NOT HAVE A BETTER FORM. There is no good socialistic system because once you take away the incentive to work hard to gain wealth and turn a nation into work hard to give your earnings to those who don’t, the workers stop producing. Why invest in anything when you wont gain from it but some one else will who did nothing to earn it?

  2. Cancel Culture is in reality, the new Fascist Racism. Adherents to the practice are so blinded by their hatred of ideology different from theirs, they employ the same tactics the Jim Crow laws were designed to do. Isolate, marginalize and ultimately extinguish anyone with an opinion that doesn’t fit their view. Instead of “Blacks/Irish No Need Apply” signs, it’s now “Conservatives/Trump Supporters No Need Apply.” This is the tangible legacy of the Obama Administration.

  3. Has anyone ever thought of telling these type of people “…keep up your nastiness and you will find your self in court because it is none of your business who or what I think or believe and the same for me, it is none of my business what you think or believe unless it is disrupting your work. It is not disrupting my work.” If that doesn’t work, do what I did, go to the union, if that doesn’t work, get a lawyer. There are organizations of lawyers out there who will protect your rights for free or cheap. It’s good for them and it was good for me as I won and kept the job with reperands on their records.

  4. Here’s the proof of just how much you matter to the delusional democrats , Only your vote matters not you . This is how you will have to live under their rules . You will be a 3rd world class citizen living in the new 3rd world shit hole country of the delusional democrats . The do nothing delusional democrats can’t run this country and grow , they will run it down for the money of the likes of soro and China . That’s all they did so far . That’s if you don’t count the crap hillary did with the Russians to blame trump for , so you forget about hillarys computer scandals . Seems it worked to … she’s still walking free so … belive them if you want , but when your world comes crumbling down around you … remember …. I told you so znd you did nothing to stop that .

  5. The schools were started in this country by our individual churches…that’s an historical fact and claiming anything else is just pure history revisionism. The materials used were “The New England Primer”, McGuffey’s readers and several others…all based on biblical moral principle. The big changes came when humanism started supplanting biblical truths and introducing collectivism into our education system, wherein the school system of teachers unions and its hierarchy took precedent over the desires of the parents, who, either go with the flow or the parents are threatened with child abuse as defined by the socialist. All kinds of high sounding terms are used for it like, “unification”, “standardization”, “common core” and throw in the horrific social engineering failure of school bussing, which cannot show a single success for all its expense, but instead breaks up community integrity or cohesion. These kids are being taught there is no God, hence there are no moral absolutes, everything is gray, that they are special and accomplished having earned neither and are coming out of the schools feeling the world owes them something. When parents tell them the truth, they’re disrespectful to them and because they’ve been told they’re special without working, they make bad employees who resent being told what to do. They have come out of school with no respect for the sanctity of life because the majority of their teachers are abortionists, and the state determines what freedom is and finally those who believe in the right to private property are hogs. All three of these are the basic tenets from our Declaration of Independence, “…that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The goal of removing these from the hearts of our youth have been the goals of Marxism/Socialism/Communism since 1922 when they started insinuating themselves into our education system. Remain blind to it at your peril, but I’ve watched its progression for over 70 years. This collectivism is also the philosophy of the globalists who are working toward the New World Order or as Hillary put it in her book, “It Takes a Village.” They need it to control the sheep…denying it makes you part of its implementation.

  6. I saw the beginnings of that movement back in the 60-70’s when I was collage-hopping while in the air force. A good friend who was a free spirit but became a professor at the University of Alaska realistically stated you either had to smile or go for the throat, or be expelled before you attain tenure.

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