Trump Trolls Democrats and Liberals With Hilarious Announcement

Trump loves trolling liberals. The beauty of the businessman we hired is he has a sense of humor. You go about your business, getting the job done, all the while having fun doing it. We have a lot of entitled people out there that he’s also poking fun at. They think they’re entitled but for much different reasons. Trump and his family have Secret Service protection so he’s covered there. Trump knows when to take things personally.

Trolling liberals can be fun

They’re predictable. Depending on the direction you want to go in, you can tailor your words that way. You can determine how far off the deep end you want them to go.

The liberal mindset just doesn’t, cannot comprehend the mind of an American businessman. Politicians are a lot of talk but not getting much done. Trump is the opposite and cannot be boxed into their idea of a politician.

Trolling uncovers what liberals are thinking

And puts it in plain sight. At a recent Nevada rally he predicted he’d win this state that he narrowly lost in 2016.

“After that,” Trump thought, “we’ll negotiate,” saying he’s “probably entitled to another four after that” due to “the way we were treated.” A new mental illness has come about. It’s called the Trump Derangement Syndrome or TDS. The media, progressives and liberals have been seething with rage since Trump was sworn in.

Trolling shows what Trump is up against

If a liberal can cheat, they will. Trolling blew the cover of Nevada Gov. Sisolak. The governor tried to stop the rally. “How would you trust a guy that fought that we aren’t here, that we can’t have all these thousands of people… He can rig the election!”

Trump was forced to make last minute changes due to coronavirus worries. Steve Sisolak forced Trump to have the rally on the tarmac. “He tried to stop us. He couldn’t, and now he’s in charge of the election. He can rig the election.” We’re flexible and thanks to Trump, we can see what’s coming and why.

  1. As Trump has said, don’t call them “rally’s”. Instead, call them “peaceful protests “.
    That way, the Democrat mayors and governors can’t do anything to stop them.

  2. Trump will have a much harder time winning this election now that RBG has passed. Democraps will do everything they can to put a Democrap in power. It won’t be Pedo Joe but it could be his Ho Harris. If they can cheat their way to a win Pedo Joe would be declared unfit either right after the election is declared or right after Pedo Joe says the last word in the swearing in ceremony.

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