Three Copy Cat Police Ambushes in Single Day (Video)

There were three separate ambushes against officers of the law on Tuesday. One was a “copy cat” of Saturday night’s attack on police in Compton which left three rounds in the assailant. The other two involved sniper attacks. A cruiser in Virginia has three holes in the door, which missed the officer driving. That suspect is still on the loose. In Phoenix, Arizona, a U.S. marshal was stuck and wounded in a drive-by shooting outside the federal courthouse. The Marshall returned fire but that suspect escaped also.

Ambushes all a ‘very similar type scenario’

In Oildale, California, a Hispanic male sneaked up behind a sheriff’s deputy, apparently grabbed his gun and tried to kill him with it. That was the first of the day’s ambushes. According to reports, “the deputy was able to retrieve his firearm, shot the suspect three times, ending the attack. It’s not clear if the initial call of a suspicious vehicle was a set-up or not.

As related by Lieutenant Joel Swanson, the Public Information Officer for the Sheriff’s Office, around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, a Kern County Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to Moneta and North Chester Avenues, for a call of “a suspicious vehicle.” When the unidentified deputy arrived, he found two people inside a reportedly stolen vehicle. As he was focused on that. “A subject ran up behind him in an apparent ambush attack.” Police aren’t being real specific about the scuffle, but at least one outlet is reporting that the “deputy was able to retrieve his firearm,” which means he must have had it taken away from him.

Once the Deputy got his gun back, he showed his attacker how to use it, shooting the suspect three times. The anarchist was provided aid at the scene and is expected to recover in the hospital. Police aren’t sure if the ambush was connected to the stolen vehicle or not. What they do know is “it is very similar to a copycat style of what happened in LA the other day.” As Lieutenant Swanson explains, “The deputy involved was on a completely unrelated call when a subject rushed up to him from behind. The deputy didn’t know what he was doing or what he was armed with at the time, so this is a very similar type scenario.”

All part of the liberal agenda

Each and every one of these cowardly ambushes can be laid at the feet of the mainstream network media. They have been spewing the left-wing propaganda that Black Lives Matter but nobody else’s do, especially those of the police for over three months now. The Harris-Biden platform is obviously “Burn Down America For Biden” It’s the last hope they have to save their beloved swamp from President Donald Trump.

The second of the day’s ambushes happened in Suffolk, Virginia. Police are reporting “a manhunt has been launched for a gunman, who opened fire at a marked police car with an officer inside.” At least three holes are in the side of the cruiser but the officer escaped harm. A “large police presence” combed the area but came up empty handed. They aren’t even releasing a description of the suspect but they are offering a $1,000 bill to any of his rivals who want to rat him out.

In Phoenix, Arizona, an unidentified U.S. Marshall “was stuck and wounded in a drive-by shooting outside a federal courthouse.” Thankfully, the federal agent was “wearing a vest when he was struck in the chest outside the Sandra Day O’Connor Courthouse, and his injuries were not life-threatening,” City council member Sal DiCiccio relates. Police are also looking for a suspect in the third of the ambushes but have released a “picture of a car they said they were seeking; the image showed a silver vehicle.”

  1. I have to agree with the President. Convict a cop killer instant death penalty. But i have to add shoot a cop and he survives go for life sentence w/no chance for parole. GOD Bless America and keep a special watch over our men and women in blue. ALL LIVES MATTER !!!

  2. Why don’t any media follow the dots to reveal that 99.7% of all shootings are black related. Groups like blm have them shaking in their boots in fear that reporting truth about who is behind all the insurrection will label them with the “R” word!

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