They Just Caught ANOTHER Democrat Hoax, Here is What We Know

The 29-year-old Black female candidate for mayor of Sumter, South Carolina, on the Democrat ticket, has confessed to staging a hoax. Why is it that when someone gets busted for faking a hate crime, more often than not the perpetrator turns out to be a Black liberal? Sabrina Belcher just got added to the list started by Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace. Her fraud was by far the most dramatic.

A hoax to win sympathy

Left-leaning loser Sabrina Belcher just confessed to the hoax of staging her own kidnapping and admits that she only did it to “gain sympathy and raise her profile.” She’s been arrested and charged with both filing a false police report of a felony and conspiracy. It was all a “desperate effort to win sympathy votes.” It didn’t take long for one Twitter follower to quip “She’s a Democrat. Naturally.”

Police department reports describe how Belcher cooked up the hoax with Christopher James Eaddy. They decided to produce a “fake kidnapping and beating to bolster her chances of winning the mayoral election.” Belcher added what judges like to call “aggravating circumstances” by trying to “blame one of her opponents for the fake crime.”

During the action in the hoax video, between a few threatened wardrobe malfunctions, “Belcher reportedly blamed one of her five opponents for the attack.” Police aren’t saying “who the opponent was,” but they related “their investigation showed that Belcher had planned to smear all of them.”


A man tried to kidnap and rob her

As Biz Pac Review writes, “in the end, the hoax unraveled and Belcher confessed that she had faked the crime.” Their arranged production was livestreamed on Facebook then “Belcher breathlessly told police that she had been attacked by a man she didn’t know. She also claims the man tried to kidnap and rob her.”

Because she was injured when “the man broke out her car windows during the attack,” she was rushed to the hospital. There she wasted the time of medical professionals to treat her hoax injuries. Her car insurance company will be waiting to have a little chat with her as well.

The chief of police isn’t happy to have to deal with a hoax. Chief Russell Roark “slammed” Belcher for “stoking hysteria and for wasting police resources” with her fake report. “They staged a kidnapping and beating in order to garner publicity, sympathy and votes in the November election. This was simply an effort to create disorder and discontent in our community for personal gain.” And she wants to be Mayor.

  1. Let’s see DemoEvilCrat black female running for mayor gets attack by five of the others running against her. She had a plan for all six of them wow it amazes how the liberals get away with this dung. Black gets shot for resisting arrest BLM burns down the town. Start shooting these unlawful acts of violence would stop she needs serious jail time. P.S crook you loose.

  2. Democrats are Democrats, Über Alles.
    Hate, Inappropriate sexual relationship, Deceiving, Obfuscating, attacking women, Jews, Muslims, Asian-Americans and African Americans, Prevaricators, Racism, Lying, Ignorance, Bribery, Hypocrisy, Antisemitism, misleading, Plagiarism, Perjurers, Communists agents, all Democrat résumé enhancements.

  3. She won’t do any time. She’s going to call muchele Obama’s mother’s Gardner to see if Kim can do for her what she did for Jesse. It’s only fair because if muchele Obama had a sister it would be her!…WARNING(to all democrats this is sarcasm)
    The views and opinions of this comment does not represent the views and opinions of this comment!

  4. Why is anyone surprised about this … didn’t the delusional democrats say they will win by any means . It’s the delusional democrat way . If ya can’t beat um fair … cheat .

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