Breaking News: Police Officers Ambushed, Multiple Injuries

Three police officers were brutally ambushed Sunday evening near Hyattsville, Maryland. One civilian was also wounded in the shootout. “Within seconds of arriving, they were under fire.”

Officers ambushed and shot

According to Interim Police Chief Hector Velez, three officers with the Prince George’s County Police were ambushed when they responded to a “home invasion” robbery call Sunday evening. “Within seconds of arriving,” around 6:35 p.m. on August 23, “they were under fire,” Chief Velez seethes. The community is located roughly 32 miles southwest of Baltimore.

When Police approached the home in the 1300-block of Capitol View Terrace, their assailants were waiting and deliberately ambushed them. Two of the wounded officers were “saved” by their vests,” Velez describes. One of the officers “was struck in the chest and had injuries to an arm and a leg.” Another officer was shot in the back. The third officer was wounded in the foot.” A civilian was also transported for medical attention.

The police returned fire at the men who ambushed them but none of the suspects were hit. Two alleged criminals are safely in custody. Police do not appear to be actively searching for any other suspects at this time.

Drove themselves to the hospital

In a press conference later from the hospital, Chief Velez explained that after the gun battle, the ambushed officers rapidly “provided themselves with ‘self-care’ after being shot, which allowed them to be transported to a hospital for further treatment.”

There was a little bit of further confusion when dispatch was unable to get the ambulance transporting the ambushed cops on the radio. “MD46 not answering the radio” they worried. Ranking officers were quick to clarify, “CMD to communications a police officer is driving the medic unit they don’t know you’re calling them.” The officer simply didn’t recognize the ambulance call sign.

As of this time, Police have not yet released the identities of the ambushed officers or the civilian, and this is a breaking story which will be updated as more information becomes available.

  1. Regretfully the two assailants were not immediately killed. Now we are forced to pay their “livelihood” for decades into the future.

    1. It’s way past time to vote out the democrats holding seats of power in cities and states. This is one way to get back some law and order. It would be nice to tar and feather these thugs, and then lock their arses up at Guantanamo Bay. They no longer deserve to live in the United States.

    2. It’s one thing to kill protagonists in a firefight, another to stop them and then execute them. Those of us who do understand the CONSTITUTION know this.

  2. They didn’t identify the assailants as white like they normally do sooo I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume they were black! Because heaven forbid that a black man shoot a cop in the back for no other reason than he’s a cop! That would make him a racist…

  3. I feel for the police, they are in a no win situation, they are being hurt, killed and abused but seems that no one is taking up for them, these rioters and looters who deserve to be dealt with have the sympathy, I truly think that is just with the mainstream media, most people I know are with the police, they understand that they are in an untenable position. We certainly don’t need to defund them we need to help them by supplying more equipment and training.

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