Man Sets His Pregnant Girlfriend ON FIRE

42-year-old repeat offender Devonne Marsh was arrested for doing the absolute unthinkable: setting his pregnant girlfriend on fire.

And while the woman desperately fought for her life as well as her two babies, a judge allowed Marsh to walk free in return for his horrific crime.

Detroit police entered the home after receiving a concerning tip about a woman being held against her will by Marsh.

There they discovered the 26-year-old pregnant woman lying on a bed in the basement unable to move due to severe burns on her legs and stomach.

Marsh was arrested by police and the woman was rushed to the hospital, where doctors were unsure whether they could save the lives of the two babies she was carrying.

Previously being too afraid to speak up, the woman confessed her boyfriend’s crimes to investigators.

Marsh was charged with kidnapping/abduction, aggravated/felonious assault, and violation of the controlled substance act.

Unfortunately, Marsh was able to walk free thanks to being awarded a $50,000 bail and making his $5,000 bond.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy attempted to detain Marsh by filing new charges of attempted murder, assault, and battery of a pregnant individual, domestic violence, assault with intent to do great bodily harm, delivery/manufacturing of controlled substances, felony drug possession, felony assault, and felony firearm possession.

However, sadly, there is no guarantee that these charges will actually stick or ensure that Marsh is denied bail next time.

So now this disgusting man is permitted to roam free while his victim fights for her life.


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