Federal Agents Sweep Radicals, Guns, Drugs Off LA Streets Since Liberals Won’t

Federal agents and Los Angeles Police arrested 18 hard-core radicals in a massive methamphetamine sweep which also nabbed a bunch of untraceable “ghost guns.” Since liberals won’t police their own cities, the feds will.

Federal agents swoop in with Operation Black Phoenix

A major drug distribution ring selling meth by the pound was shut down permanently after an FBI led sweep netted 18 fresh arrests, with an assist from the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The Federal Bureau of Investigation called the operation “Black Phoenix.”

According to the Department of Justice, seven federal indictments charged a total of 25 people. On top of the 18, four were already in jail and the other three are still loose and running for cover fast.

By the time the federal agents got done sweeping through the streets of Los Angeles, they rounded up “28 pounds of methamphetamine, a quarter-pound of cocaine and crack cocaine,” and 16 firearms. The firearms weren’t just the usual gangster small arms, these were “ghost guns” with all the identification removed, including five AR-15’s.

Selling meth by the pound

These aren’t the guys on the corner handing out little plastic bags. One of the federal indictments alleges, “a series of methamphetamine sales by the pound.” That would keep a lot of tweakers happy for a long time. Selling untraceable guns that were missing their make, model and serial number was merely a sideline.


Federal officials charged 53-year-old Dau Quay Duong and 47-year-old Christopher Nguyen, both from Ontario, California. They stand accused of “illegal firearm sales” for the AR-15’s. A separate indictment accuses 47-year-old Jonathon Domingo Go, a resident of Torrance, of “selling two .40-caliber pistols and 5.56-caliber assault pistols that were also untraceable.” Besides the gun charges, “Six of the indictments allege at least one transaction involving pound-quantities of methamphetamine.” One complaint describes, “two one-pound deals and four two-pound transactions.” That’s enough dope for a small country.

Just about everyone arrested by the sweep will be in prison for a long time to come. The minimum each is looking at will be 10 years in federal prison. “some will face decades more prison time because of their lengthy criminal histories.”

  1. Drug and gun dealers should get death sentences. We know that both will lead to death of others. The sentence should be carried out right after it is given. It should also be mandatory for those in prison and Juvenile detention. It should also be slow and painful and open to public viewing.

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