They Came Home From A Night Out To Find Three Hundred People Standing In Their House…

A “for sale” sign caused hundreds of teenagers to invade the home of Mike Cox while he went out to dinner with his wife on Saturday evening.

After spending the night out, the couple came back to find hundreds of teens throwing a party at their home.

In hopes of taking advantage of the booming real estate market, the couple was attempting to sell their million-dollar home.

Reports reveal that the couple had spent thousands of dollar renovating the home…only to now be out another few thousands of dollars thanks to damages and stolen items from the home.

The incident has left the couple completely heartbroken and defeated.

Mike Cox

Initially, a group of teens invited fifty friends to enter the home through the backdoor. However, word traveled far and fast, resulting in over 300 teens using the home as their dumping ground. The house was littered with beer cans, half-eaten food, and various other junk.

“There’s a video of 5, 6 kids on top of this countertop, squirting champagne all over my house,” Cox said in an interview with CBS Denver.

The couple is uncertain how the teens found their home, but believe that they may have learned about it through their listing on a real estate site.

When Cox was interviewed after the fact, he says his initial reaction was just “Rage. Felt violated. This is our home. It’s not just an empty house that’s for sale. It’s where we live.”

Now, Cox is prepared to take the teens to court.

“We’re going to go after them with everything we can legally to make this right,” he said. “I want them prosecuted. I want them arrested. I want them to have to pay for the damage that they’ve done.”

Best of all, the teens snapchatted videos from the party, leaving plenty of evidence for authorities to review.

So far, a few teens have been arrested and are facing charges of underage drinking as well as burglarizing private property.

Watch the video report here: Denver7/Youtube

Source: AWM


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