Radical BLM Leader Wins Congressional Seat

Cori Bush still has to defeat the local Republican before she’s officially given the congressional seat, but considering that the district is “safely Democratic,” Ms. Bush is already considered the first Black woman to represent Missouri in Congress. Anarchists are thrilled that the radical Black Lives Matter militant made the cut in the Missouri Democratic primary.

William Clay lost his seat in Congress

A St. Louis political dynasty ended Tuesday night when incumbent William Lacy Clay’s campaign went down in flames to his more radical rival. No matter who gets the seat after November, it won’t be him. Political correspondent Jason Rosenbaum calls this “one of the most significant moments in the history of St. Louis politics. It is enormous.”

Clay has represented St. Louis ever since he clawed his way into the House of Representatives in 2001. He took over for his father, “who had held the seat since 1969.” Thanks to Black Lives Matter, the “Age of Aquarius” is over. In the last cycle, 2018, Bush put up a good fight but ended up 20 points behind Clay. This year, Antifa helped push the radical reactionary over the edge.

The “Black, working-class, single mother” has been “fighting for Black lives since Ferguson.” Now she has a seat in Congress. “They counted us out. They called me just the protester. I’m just the activist. With no name, no title and no real money. That’s all they said that I was.” Thanks to George Soros, radical protesters are in vogue.

Recent riots in St. Louis.

It started in Ferguson

Cori Bush first started making a splash in political activism in 2014. Inspired by the death of Michael Brown, which happened in the St. Louis neighborhood of Ferguson, Bush got involved in the riots. That’s when she decided to go pro and run for a congressional seat in her district. She lost her first try but came back for this cycle. Despite contracting Covid-19, her campaign was flooded with checks. She was recovered from the virus enough to be out marching in the streets following the George Floyd “incident.”

No Republican is ever going to hold a seat in this district so what’s interesting is the cannibalism that’s happening between liberal factions. Clay, the incumbent, was a proud dues paying member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and he supports Medicare for All. What could go wrong? He backs tanks to sequester cow farts and everything. He even had all the high profile endorsements. Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, even Planned Parenthood was behind him.

Cori Bush won the seat by tapping into the Socialist zeitgeist. Early on, Bernie Sanders helped her out in a big way with his endorsement. She made sure to thank him at the beginning of her victory speech. He’s rumored to be the one who quietly funded “an outside group” who “spent hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking Clay over his opposition to an Obama-era Wall Street reform.” Bush also got the attention of a group called “Justice Democrats” who “helped propel” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley into the hallowed halls of Congress.

  1. “Thanks to George Soros, radical protesters are in vogue.”
    That quote says it all. God help us, PLEASE!

  2. The leader of a hate group… wow . people have lost their minds, wanting some one like that in USA government … If we do nothing about stopping this… it will only get worse …

  3. I would not say she WON anything yet. I believe the headline is misleading. She only won the primary for democrats.

    1. True. But our largest cities tend to one party city-states. To rid yourself of a radical Democrat, you will need to back a less radical one. Very grim situation.

  4. As the Left drives more sane rational taxpayers out of our largest cities, who’s left? A more radical electorate plus deadbeats galore. The nation grows more polarized. The cities will get worse before they collapse and are reformed.

  5. A new terrorist member of the “Squad.” End times on us. Be sure to make nice with your maker soon, real soon!

  6. She is a Marxist and should not have neen allowed to run to begin with she is an Enemy of the Constitutional Republic and should be stripped of her Citizenship and deported to Venezuela where she can eat marxism.

  7. The Election of 2020 will be very Simple: Communism/Socialism or American Republic (FREEDOM)! The rules of Marx, Lenin, Mau Read the Book’s, little Red Book of Communism, the rules of Radicles. Follow the lives of Bill Ayers, George Soros, Angela Davis And the Rest of the Social Communist that have been standing back doing the Work of the Communist Party.
    Remember, that in 2016 at the DNC National Convention, it was the Democrat/Communist that Removed “GOD” from their Platform. WHO Stood on the National Stage and “hand in Hand” WITH the American COMMUNIST PARTY LEADERSHIP, EXCEPTING 100% of the COMMUNIST PLATFORM! Who has had Social Communist Teachers, Profesters in the Schools of higher “Learning” for Over 50 years. The same so called teachers that teach HATE, AND DIVISION! That everything founded and free, that the United States of America is/Was founded on white Power, Racism. Americans need to look within themselfs and “See” AMERICA!

  8. This is what happens when you vote for the color of skin rather than the content of their character! Sadly too many do not know the difference!

  9. She’s not a radical. BLM is communist paid for and owned by communist Soros. So these people voted in a communist. You mean to tell me the republican party can’t take advantage of this fact and ride the heck out of it. Or do they even have someone against her. Probably not.

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