State Winks at Giving Free Contraceptives to ILLEGAL Aliens…Tax Payers LIVID

Colorado is poised to enact legislation which would provide free contraceptives for illegal immigrants living in the state. Democrat Yadira Caraveo is sponsoring the legislation in the Colorado House of Representatives, where it is currently being considered by the House Health and Insurance committee. The bill, if passed, would result in Colorado taxpayers funding contraceptives for people known to be in America illegally.

Colorado to offer free birth control to illegal immigrants

Representative Caraveo argued that the legislation would prevent infant and maternal mortality among Hispanics, many of whom are uninsured in Colorado.

Caraveo claimed that birth control is a right that illegal immigrants in the state are entitled to receive from the government; she says that her bill is really about justice and corrective wrongs in the state.

If the legislation passes, the state health department would be required to provide the contraceptives to people who do not qualify for Medicaid  due to their illegal immigrant status.

The Colorado House of Representatives is controlled by Democrats with a strong majority. If the party approves the bill in committees it has a very good chance of becoming a law.

Republicans in the state are opposing the legislation for the additional tax burden it would place on the citizens of Colorado who would be funding the expanded contraceptive access.

The Catholic Church in Colorado is also opposing the bill, which would violate the Catholic stance on birth control.

Taxpayers to suffer

The Colorado bill is not the only program being created which would funnel tax dollars from American citizens to illegal immigrants.

The Biden Department of Housing and Urban Development recently enacted new guidelines that will theoretically allow thousands of illegal immigrants to receive free housing, subsidized by taxpayers.

New York has decided to offer more than $2 billion to illegal immigrants in the state as compensation for income lost over the course of the pandemic.

Inviting policies like these have been blamed for contributing to the border crisis which has developed under the Biden Administration. Republicans have blamed the crisis in part on a perception that the United States is willing to welcome and pay those who can make it across the border.

With legislation continuing to emerge like the Colorado contraceptive bill, that perception may actually be correct.

A coalition of Republican governors earlier in May informed the Biden Administration that they would be taking action to ensure that their taxpayers are not funding more illegal immigration in their states. Colorado is unlikely to adopt a similar stance any time soon.

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