Biden Pick Ducking and Dodging Just Like Corrupt Hillary

From being a robot, such as Dr. Rachel Levine, to being neutral and just not answering questions at all, you’re going to find all the dodging tactics out of a Democrat pick. Biden picks won’t answer questions in front of the camera or knowingly in front of a hot mic. But get them behind closed doors, talking to fellow Democrats, necessary answers will flow. This is part of the massive swamp Trump tried to drain.

Biden and the Democrats

May never hold a solid position on anything. Some remember Bill Clinton’s the meaning of the word “is”. He would stick a finger in the air to gauge the political winds before answering anything.

Democrats seem to want to destroy America. At one point we all worked together so America could prosper. Then Trump surprised everybody. Democrats didn’t take him seriously, that’s probably how he got elected. Now we’re at war because he exposed the massive corruption.

Biden needs to be fed words

But the puppet’s picks maybe better at public relations. You can “plead the 5th” every time you open your mouth. That doesn’t have to be done just in a court room.

Non answers and dodging will continue with Biden and his administration. This includes his press secretary. One video that may have been taken down showed the press actually laughing at her over an answer.

Biden is all over the chaos and confusion

Delay, deny, destroy. Say nothing at the cameras. Obama 2.0 is in full swing, including going back to war. Trump didn’t and still doesn’t want bloodshed.

Xavier Becerra will be neutral to the camera, will follow the law. Suddenly the law matters.  Until such time as the political winds blow and he needs to go down another path. He doesn’t have an official, personal position. It can become personal if a member of his family though has a late term abortion. That’s a life that was just snuffed out. Life is more precious than power.

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