Voters Remorse…Biden Family Scandal Has Americans Asking ‘Can I Change My Vote’ as it Trends on Google

President Trump is proudly encouraging those Democrats who still have time, to see the light and change their votes for him. According to Google, liberal Americans are coming down with voter remorse and the vast majority are also kicking themselves for being so quick to jump on the mail-in voting bandwagon. The Biden family was simultaneously rocked by a pay-for-play influence peddling scheme and new revelations that the family has to follow Hunter around with a spray bottle too.

‘Can I change my vote’ trends on Google

Everyone knows that Google tracks every aspect of America’s search habits and publishes the current trends in real time. Now that 59 million votes have already been sent off for counting, the phrase “can I change my vote” peaked in the U.S. on Tuesday morning around 6 a.m. ET. It’s not deplorable Trump supporters having second thoughts. The origin of the trend was deep blue Delaware, Joe Biden’s home state and the one he represented in the Senate.

Delaware isn’t one of the states which allow a last minute vote change so those that drank the Kool-Aid provided by George Soros are out of luck. You may or may not have some time to correct your mistake in a handful of states but if so, you better move fast. According to Trend data, “other subregions included battleground states such as Maine, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Iowa, Wisconsin and Arizona.”

Michigan voters who are horrified they voted for Biden and already mailed in a ballot “can submit a written and signed request” to have the ballot nullified as long as they get it to their voting clerk by 5 p.m. October 30. In Wisconsin, “a voter can cancel their original absentee ballot and request a new one” but they only have until October 29, “the legal deadline for requesting absentee ballots by mail.” The rest of the battleground states on the list with change curious voters are stuck with their mistakes.

Other places changes are allowed

New York isn’t considered a battleground state but disillusioned Democrats are welcome to change their vote if they already mailed in one for Joe. All you have to do is “show up to your polling place during early voting or on Election Day and cast a vote.” If you do that, the mailed in absentee ballot “is set aside and not counted.”

Voters in New Hampshire can also change their vote by going to the polls on election day, but they have to be there “during the first hour they’re open and vote in person.” It also has to be done “before their absentee ballot is processed.” In Minnesota, voters had the opportunity to “request a new ballot from their county or city election office” but the window to do that closed on October 20, so those votes are locked in.

President Donald Trump would like to be able to take the credit because the change phrase started circulating right after his last rally, the spike in the data shows it was Hunter Biden’s laptop and the scandalous images and emails it contains. Instead of investigating the crimes revealed, the FBI is trying to pin it on Russian disinformation. Christopher Wray is frantically pulling his hair out trying to figure out how to explain the way Russia was able to get Hunter Biden to pose for all those incriminating photos so they could be planted in the laptop, along with the emails saying he’s not allowed near a female child in the family and complaining about being shaken down by his dad for half the pay-for-play rake off money.

  1. Just goes to show why you should research your candidate before voting. Fact, Biden has a long history of sniffing and touching females of all ages who do not want him touching them. Biden bragged he used his position as VP to pressure Ukraine to fire the prosecutor going after his son for breaking the law. Biden has a history of voting no on all civil right bills for blacks, and now you have more proof that Biden is dishonest and his family are crooks. So if you can then get out and change your vote ASAP.

  2. They blinded you with Black Lives Matters ,and while you were drinking the Kool – aid from the democ rats you should\ve ask yourself if BLM had another signification , instead of believing what ever is presented to you . If you were going to used a bit of grey matter ,You probably would come that BLM stands for Biden Lies Matter .

  3. SO, Pres. Trump once AGAIN, was right. Why did the debates DIDN’T take place BEFORE the voting took place?! Its ANTI COMMON SENSE! WHY didn’t the FBI and the worthless and corrupt WRAY reveal the biden scandals AND COVERed UP ALL THE corruuption INSIDE THE AGENCY BEFORE VTING BY MAIL TOOK PLACE? It s INSANITY to do things backwards, but thats what the DONKEYS wanted, to create CHAOS AND MAKE bIDEN WIN.! All the money wasted, all the people having voter remorse because the scandals were covered up BY the FBI TO PROTECT THE corruption OF THE BIDEN criminality!?the intel organization destroyed by democrats cheating and lying. Why not have VOTER IDS? Why do these FRAUDS are NOT behind BARS? They have sold out our country to MONEY laundering schemes , racketeering and the like. This is DISGUSTING, DESPICABLE and UNACCEPTABLE!It just pi–ss–s me off.

  4. This has been predicted a long time ago, like four years ago when the Democrats were CERTAIN to win the election that they lost. I see the Democrat party folding up and blowing away soon.

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