Jim Jordan Dares Twitter CEO to Censor THIS

Hardcore conservative Jim Jordan used the official House Judiciary Committee Twitter account to dare the platform’s president to blacklist his committee. The actual tweet reads, “Twitter censored the @nypost’s Hunter Biden story because it contained ‘hacked’ and ‘private’ information. So, @Jim_Jordan sent @jack a letter containing Hunter Biden’s private emails. Will @TwitterSafety censor us?”

Will Twitter censor the Judiciary committee?

Twitter and Facebook have decided to censor anything that might hurt the Democrats chances in the election. Twitter sparked a brutal backlash by suppressing a New York Post article on Wednesday, simply because it was critical of Hunter Biden. Jordan went straight to the top, directing his tweet at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, which included a letter that went straight for his jugular.

The letter Jordan attached “included the alleged private email correspondence between Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings executive Vadym Pozharskyi.” The New York Post put them up Wednesday morning and Twitter took them down by “systematically” deleting them from the platform by “mid-afternoon.” The official House Judiciary Committee Twitter account defied Twitter to censor the five-page document, broken into a two-part tweet.

Two of the included emails were from Pozharskyi to Hunter Biden. The first begged the cocaine addict “if he could use his ‘influence to convey a message’ that might curb an investigation into Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky.” A meeting ensued. The second email that Jordan included was the one “Pozharskyi sent on April 17, 2015, in which he thanked Biden for ‘inviting me to DC and giving me the opportunity to meet your father.'” How cozy. No wonder Twitter and Facebook tried to censor it.

We want answers, Jack

Jordan demands answers. “We want answers, @jack.” Senator Ted Cruz is just as furious about the obvious attempt to censor things the public has been chasing for years. His Senate Judiciary Committee is ready to “subpoena testimony from Dorsey regarding his company’s actions regarding censorship of the New York Post article that had been disabled from being posted or shared on the platform.”

Rep. Jordan took the offensive asking Jack Dorsey to address a list of concerns over the way the company chose to censor the material, including a demand to know exactly how the article violated its “Hacked Materials Policy.” He also wanted answers to things like “what factors Twitter considered before censoring the article and an account of the employees who were part of the decision-making process.

The thing that really made the social media giant’s executives nervous was the question Jordan had for them about “if any of the people who were part of making the decision to censor the dissemination of the article had in any way communicated “‘with any individual affiliated with the Biden campaign or the Democrat National Committee.'”

Immediatley after Jordan’s tweet, Twitter changed that policy. They’re already allowing it to be shared. Just to make sure that Twitter knew they couldn’t claim he was making baseless allegations and censor him too, Jordan “provided evidence of previous articles by publications that have investigated Biden’s involvement with the corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, of which he sat on the board even though he held no expertise in the industry.” After slashing Dorsey remorselessly again and again, point by point, Jordan stuck the knife in and twisted, asking if the company “intended to report its actions to the Federal Election Commission as an in-kind contribution to the Biden campaign.”

  1. you go Jim Jordon, make these mf’ing a$$holes answer that question and while you are at it, remove the section 230 from them, just sayin

  2. Thank you Jordan for putting pressure on Twitter to NOT censor! The general public
    want justice: prosecution.

  3. So what if they do? It’s not like you’ll take immediate action instead of slow walking everything! Dorsey and Zuckerberg should have been put on the carpet last Friday and had all 230 protections removed immediately! So is this just more bravado? The FBI and DOJ are so corrupt I know they won’t take any action and all the senate does is threaten with no action! I like Jim Jordan but I’m sick of nothing but talk!

  4. It’s about time that Twitter got taken down a notch or two. But follow through with your request for information as to who contacted the Biden campaign and the DNC.

  5. The world would be a better place without Twitter. Take them down. They are destroying this country gladly and profiting off us while they’re at it.

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