Since Joe Wont Do His Job, State Steps in and Offers National Guard Support at the Southern Border

Joe Biden is a puppet designed only to tear America apart. Well, states still have their options. Individuals can step in too and this has happened before. People may get into government, collect a paycheck, a pension and power. You start talking enough to get re elected and that’s it. You pay more attention to your donors.  Screw the people that elected him/her so those people have to get stuff done on their own.

If Joe won’t do it, we will

Joe’s administration wanted the chaos. He invited immigrants to the border to increase the Democrat voter base even if it begs the question about voting at all. Customs Enforcement and Border Protection apprehended 172,000 people, the most in 15 years.

This was sudden. President Trump told immigrants they won’t be able to come across the border illegally so there was probably much less traffic at our southern border.  The border was stable not too long ago.

AZ Governor Doug Ducey isn’t happy with Joe

There’s no leadership in the White House now so for better or for worse, states have had to take power back. Ducey noted, “The border is traditionally a federal issue and a federal focus. The Biden White House has ignored the situation at the border in Arizona and across the southern U.S.”

Ducey can call up his state’s national guard to help out. People across the nation can donate to help out since he also wants Joe to pay for it. But that’s not likely to happen.

Joe will drag his feet

That’s common for government, but Gov. Ducey has the option to move faster. It will be helpful if Joe’s administration will help out. Until then, the governor will move forward.

This is America. We have options – so far. Gov. Ducey is optimistic. “So we have options as a state of course. We are working with ranchers, border sheriffs, leaders at the county level. I plan to talk with the President on what their next steps will be. But the National Guard will be part of the solution. We will have action taken. We are going to use every tool, authority and resource that we have to be successful on the Southern Border. We need to work in partnership with the federal government, but Arizona is going to act regardless.”

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