Biden border crisis

Worse Than Kids in Cages, Innocent Girls Being Raped at the Border and Joe Still Won’t Do Anything

A group of GOP lawmakers says that Joe Biden’s policies are fueling a crisis on the border with migrant girls being raped and trafficked into the United States for sex. In addition, new caravans are forming that will send even more illegal aliens to our now very open border.

Democrats open border policy is encouraging human trafficking

They are led by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the congressional delegation, including some of the top Republicans on various committees.

McCarthy and a group of GOP lawmakers made the trip to our southern border to check out the crises that exist there. That is something Biden has refused to do. He is on a “victory tour” over the bloated $1.9 trillion dollar boondoggle called ‘COVID relief’.

Rep. Maria Salazar (R-FL) proclaimed, “We need to join forces and send the message that we cannot allow what’s happening on the border because it’s our girls — Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua — the ones who are being raped. Our girls are the children who are being trafficked. …. Child sex trafficking is one of the highest international crimes booming in this country.”

Salazar went on to say, “In this country, you have to arrive legally. We must indeed reform the immigration system, without a doubt. But we should not enter this country illegally because our daughters and our families are put in danger during the journey. Also, the traffickers, the coyotes, are the ones who are making all the money.

Mexican drug cartels are buying and selling children

“We need to stop being pawns of the politicians in Washington and pawns of the traffickers who are trafficking with our children, our families, and our women,” the congresswoman said.

Rep. Carlos Jimenez (R-FL) noted that by incentivizing people to cross in the country illegally, the Biden Administration’s border policies are harming the country while also endangering the lives of the migrants who are making the “harrowing” journey.

“I spoke to a family … that told me it took them 22 days to come from Honduras,” he said. “They were incentivized by the Biden Administration rhetoric, by the change of policy. They said it was a harrowing trip. Many of them don’t make it.”

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