WaPo Walks Back Another Full Blown Democrat Lie Infested Propaganda Piece

One of the more bizarre pieces of propaganda that emerged in the lead-up to the 2020 election was the idea claim that President Trump was somehow allowing Russia to pay bounties for the killing of American soldiers. There was never much evidence to go along with these claims, just an assurance from the liberal media that it was all true. Now the US intelligence community has essentially vindicated Trump and his claims that the story was a hoax from leftist media.

Media invents a scandal

The Washington Post was very convinced that it had caught Trump in a lie when he denied the story initially. They were in fact so confident that they staked their reputation as “fact checkers” on the story.

The rumor held that Russia paid insurgents in Afghanistan to kill  American soldiers.  The second facet of the scandal was the claim that President Trump himself both knew about this and chose to allow it.

It was in that sense an ongoing part of the narrative which claimed that Trump was a Russian puppet, itself a thoroughly discredited rumor which has refused to die.

For the liberal media it was the perfect piece of election season propaganda, Washington Post, New York Times, and other latched onto the story and refused to give up on it. Washington Post has, in fact, still not retracted the claims it made last year.

While the media was completely confident in the story, intelligence agencies were far less sure about the manufactured smear. President Trump was apparently never even briefed on the rumor.

None of this skepticism stopped the slanderous story from taking root firmly in the Biden campaign, with Biden himself attacking Trump for dismissing the outlandish rumor.

Propaganda is exposed

Now the Biden regime has reluctantly admitted that the story is probably untrue, with practically no evidence at all to back it up.

Hatred of President Trump clearly motivated the media and the Biden campaign to adopt a dubious story with no evidence and to report on it with complete confidence.

Now that the election is over, the truth has come out. Most Americans, however, will never know that the story was a lie. The leftist media clearly does not intend to retract the statements they published about it, let alone draw any attention to their corrections.

“Fact checkers” are intended by the liberal media to be the final say on the validity of a given story or narrative. In this case the fact checkers blatantly affirmed a flimsy piece of Democrat propaganda with the intention of damaging the Trump campaign.

The Russian government has almost certainly not been paying foreign insurgents to murder American soldiers. The dismissal of the story from President Trump was simply a reflection of reality.

The fact that the media refuses to admit that they spun this into a story of the President willfully ignoring the killings of American soldiers is a typically dismal commentary on the state of WaPo and the rest.

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