Democrat City Launches Program to Pay Women $1,000 Per Month… If They’re Black

This could be seen as an insult to blacks. “You aren’t capable of being on your own, you need our help”. It’s a start of reparations for racial injustices. How much will blacks need? Is there an end date? Those two questions won’t be answered. California is hemorrhaging taxpayers as it is. But that doesn’t matter, as long as that reparations line is toed. It’s all about politics and looking good for the Democrat state.

Democrats love their politics

And there’s plenty of that here. It’s an incestuous bunch. One donates something here, somebody says something there, somebody is offered a job someplace else.

San Francisco’s mayor, London Breed, has announced a taxpayer funded project called Abundant Birth Project. There’s over $2 million in cash payments for pregnant black and Pacific Islander women. Payments of $1,000 per month happen during the pregnancy and for six months after birth.

Democrats giving only certain women money

Due to their ethnic background assumes only those ladies are racially discriminated against. “Providing guaranteed income support to mothers during pregnancy is an innovative and equitable approach that will ease some of the financial stress that all too often keeps women from being able to put their health first. The Abundant Birth Project is rooted in racial justice and recognizes that Black and Pacific Islander mothers suffer disparate health impacts, in part because of the persistent wealth and income gap. Thanks to the work of the many partners involved, we are taking real action to end these disparities and are empowering mothers with the resources they need to have healthy pregnancies and births.” Mayor Breed noted.

Democrats love their racism

And have been since Lincoln tried to remove their slaves. This is free money. There’s no stipulation on how it’s spent. Democrats refuse to look at statistics about how much the illegal drug trade affects pregnancy too. Medicaid must not be working there. That was supposed to be the safety net for those who couldn’t afford insurance for late term and post natal care.

Expecting Justice, a collective impact initiative spearheaded by Dr. Zea Malawi of the San Francisco Dept. of Health is among the organizations helping with this. Malawi stated, “Structural racism, which has left Black and Pacific Islander communities particularly exposed to COVID-19, also threatens the lives of Black and PI mothers and babies. Providing direct, unconditional cash aid is a restorative step that not only demonstrates trust in women to make the right choices for themselves and their families, but could also decrease the underlying stress of financial insecurity that may be contributing to the high rates of premature birth in these communities. It is exciting to be in a city that not only calls out racism as a problem, but also takes steps to heal the wounds left by decades of injustice and anti-Black sentiment.”

Democrats aren’t motivated by facts

Politics gets that job done instead. A study done in 2014 by the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health showed that the biggest problem with preterm birth is actually not enough vitamin D. Their pigmentation keeps the sun from coming through as much. The study revealed, “Vitamin D (vit D) deficiency in African-Americans is attributed to reduced UV light penetration through skin due to higher melanin pigmentation and consequent decrease in the cutaneous vit D synthesis. Racial differences could also be attributable to varying dietary intake of vit D. Indeed, we have recently reported that vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased risk of PTB in African-Americans and Caucasians. Additionally, we have demonstrated that vitamin D elicits anti-inflammatory response, and decreases expression of contractile factors in human uterine smooth muscle cells. Furthermore, specific vitamin D receptor polymorphism has been associated with increased risk of spontaneous idiopathic preterm birth. As vitamin D deficiency is epidemic among African-Americans, we believe the stubbornly high PTB rate in African-Americans is, at least partially, a consequence of low Vitamin D levels. Importantly, Endocrine Society recommends not only screening of all pregnant women for vitamin D deficiency but also treating vitamin D deficiency once diagnosed.”

  1. Wonder if this is on top of their welfare income as the majority are on welfare. If it is makes a nice income.

  2. Paid because of their skin color? Isn’t that discrimination? You know, I’m getting very tired of it. The commercials on TV showing blacks as normal average families? For God sake 98.9% of black homes have no Father figure. Yet on TV they represent them to be ordinary American citizens. I’m fed up with the indoctrination and propaganda! Total communist horse apples!

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