Dozens Arrested…Town Destroyed During ‘Peaceful’ Protests

Oh, the irony. If the riots are mostly peaceful, somebody needs to remove those that aren’t peaceful off the streets and we’ll see who or what is left. Pun intended. Sympathies go out to the residents and business owners of Wauwatosa, WI who are waking up to or were woken up by domestic terrorism. Rocks were being thrown into home and business windows, destruction for destruction’s sake. Another temper tantrum.

Michelle needs to look up the definition of peaceful

It doesn’t make her look intelligent to describe these as ‘peaceful’ when cities experiencing this have burned. The aftermath of one picture looks like a wildfire went through it.

She’s just reinforcing the narrative calling Trump racist. She hasn’t seen the memo that the term has been overused to the point of where it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Everything is racist.

Brendan Gutenschwager caught video of some ‘peaceful’ protesting

On the bright side, one person was heard pleading, “That’s somebody’s house!” as a rock was thrown through the window. Are the actual peaceful ones intimidated into not intervening? Do they fear for their life too?

Another gentleman couldn’t understand why the rioting when people were willing to listen. That’s the point. Those who destroy don’t want to talk. And even if they do sit down for calm, quiet discussion, there’s no guarantee the solution will be enough. Those who destroy will always want more, it will never be enough.

Michelle needs to encourage actual peaceful protesting

Rather than giving the overused excuse to throw a tantrum. Lashing out at those who you think have made you a victim will get you nowhere. It does nothing for your cause.

Michelle Obama said about the rioting: Trump is “pinning [violence] on what’s been an overwhelmingly peaceful movement for racial solidarity; it’s true, research backs it up; only a tiny fraction of demonstrations have had any violence at all … What the president is doing is … racist.”

  1. I think citizens need to be throwing the rocks back at the peaceful protestors don`t you? Stabbing them with their own knives and such. Get the addresses of their homes and rentals and ransack them. Let`s see how they like it. Will they call the police? YOU BETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

    1. Can’t do that, remember what happened to the couple in St. Louis defending their home & lives. Democrats have turned this country into a land of lawless control. The Clantons are running the cities and courts.


  2. From where I sit, I love it. I enjoy seeing DemonRATS burn their own cities, and business to the ground. I hope they keep it up. Even funnier, the slut Harris, Dementia Joe’s HO, raised money to bail them out, so they could go back to destroying, and looting. This is what the DemonRAT party wants, and the diehard DemonRATS will vote for it. The destruction of our country. Makes you wonder about the IQ of those people.

  3. The anarchist mob should attack the Democrat elite…..oh, wait, they did in Michigan, but Trump got blamed! Lotsa law, but NO JUSTICE.

  4. Dennis you will probably have to find dad and mon’s home. None of them can be working for a living or they wouldn’t have time to do all the marching and rioting.

  5. Get their arrest records, find their home addresses and return the favor to where it hurts the most. On their homes and properties. Let their rich families feel how others are suffering by looting and destroying their businesses. Wont take long before mommy and daddy cut them off.

  6. Michelle Obama is the racist, or else she is so deluded she might as well leave the US because she will never believe there is anything here BUT racism.

  7. Let’s be clear: a “Harris administration with Joe Biden as president” is not to be something controlled by “the squad,” that idiotic loser of a slogan needs to be canned. Rather, it’s to be a third term for Obama, something which Hillary Clinton could not do. It will mean a return to endless war, the use of the intelligence-judicial apparatus against all opponents, and changes in our government which will castrate the Constitution and turn the US into a European style parliamentary system, effectively ending the role of the other two branches, and giving complete control over it to the shadow government.

  8. Old mooch has a very limited vocabulary; he/she only seems to know “racist or sexist”! But, that’s true of most deranged demolcommies.

  9. Moochelle proved herself too IGNORANT for words when she married that EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN Obozo. As for the protesters there are some who are Peaceful about 10% are the other 90% are TERRORIST SCUM. What should have been done from the start is those RIOTING should have been taken down with extreme lethal force and any survivors should have been given a shotgun mercy shot to the base of the skulls. Every member of city Council and every Mayor that has ordered the police to do nothing should be charged with every crime these COWARDLY THUGS and TERRORISTS have committed. Forced to resign, forced to repay every penny they have gotten from the job not most paid but spent on anything for them, sell off everything they own to pay for the Damages they allowed, banned for Life from public office at any level Elected or appointed, And any and all Aspects of the law for life as well.

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