Pelosi and Schiff’s Plot EXPOSED

It would appear that Nancy Pelosi is up to a little something in the Senate.

Her buddy, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), is obviously struggling regarding her health right now.

If she retires early, Governor Gavin Newsom gets to pick her replacement.

That, however, is unlikely to happen because Nancy has a plan.

The Plot

So, if you have noticed that since Feinstein has been back, she has been in a wheelchair.

Right by her side, at every moment, is Nancy Pelosi’s daughter.

She is serving as adviser and protecter, keeping the media away and more than likely whispering votes into her ear.

Both Pelosi and Feinstein’s office deny this is the case, but nobody is buying this story.

Pelosi wants Schiff in that seat, and he will have no chance if Newsom puts someone else in there.

A Pelosi ally stated, “If DiFi resigns right now, there is an enormous probability that Barbara Lee gets appointed — thus, it makes it harder for Schiff.

“It’s very tricky, and political, because they want her to stay.

“The political thinking is that if DiFi stays as long as possible, it helps Schiff as well.”

With there now being talk of Oprah possibly being asked to serve, Pelosi better continue to stick Feinstein like glue.

Source: New York Post

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