Iowa In Chaos As Trump Declared Winner!

The Iowa Caucus melted down into complete chaos Monday night as the long awaited final results didn’t come in. All the campaigns were still in the dark when the sun came up on Tuesday morning. “We haven’t heard a word from them overnight. They are in bunker mentality,” one senior campaign adviser relates. Democrat incompetence virtually handed the election to President Donald Trump.

Iowa caucus in chaos because of a glitch

As precinct results came trickling in, they were checked for accuracy and flunked. “It became clear that there were inconsistencies with the reports.” That was because their software wasn’t working right. “While the app was recording data accurately, it was reporting out only partial data. We have determined that this was due to a coding issue in the reporting system.” That shouldn’t have been a surprise, because it didn’t work in last week’s tests either.

“Precinct chairs had tested the mobile app used to report the results and some were having trouble,” Polk County Democratic Chairman Sean Bagniewski confirms. So, last Thursday, he told “those who couldn’t get the app to work to call in their results.”

Election officials are quick to reassure everyone that they weren’t hacked and they do have paper records. They simply ask for patience while they wade through the boxes of papers the good old fashioned way.

The Biden campaign isn’t happy. “If you have a process where you can’t be confident that the results are being reported are reflective of the votes that people cast last night in the process, that’s a real concern,” they wrote in a letter to the Iowa branch of the party, demanding answers to what went wrong.


Trump the winner

Even far-left leaning CNN is reporting on Tuesday that Democrats blew it in Iowa. “Do you want President Trump?” They imply, because “this is how you get President Trump.” CNN reporting of the aftermath is full of phrases like calling the debacle “a political train wreck.”

Last night’s fiasco has everyone remembering what happened when the Obamacare enrollment website was launched. Nothing happened. Iowa voters are starting to wonder if the election software was written by Imran Awan.

The “Clinton News Network” writes, “The Democratic 2020 crusade to oust President Donald Trump could not have got off to a more disastrous and embarrassing start.” They’re furious that “the party couldn’t even deliver a first-in-the-nation election night winner.”

This comes only hours after the final Iowa Poll had to be thrown in the trash for “mistakes.” You might as well be campaigning for Trump, they scold. “The caucus nightmare also played right into the hands of a President spoiling for months to brand his rivals as weak, disorganized and even worse — plotting to rig the results to hand its crown to an establishment favorite.”

Far left progressive activists hurt democrat chances even more by offending rural voters with tactics designed to motivate liberals in New York City. All across Des Moines, “kids in cages” popped up like mushrooms and kept the police busy removing them. “Chain-link cages with mannequins” were meant to make a bold statement.

It was a little too bold for Iowa. “The image of the cages and the sounds were disturbing to some, as officers responded to multiple calls about the ‘suspicious structures’ Monday morning,” Des Moines police told CNN.

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