Woke Pays Big at Pentagon: Six Figures Advertised

If you’re a progressive looking to pull in a six-figure income, put an app in with the Pentagon. Being woke pays big over there. After all, they pay hundreds for hammers and thousands for toilet seats, why not $183,500 for the position listed by the Air Force, under Supervisory Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility?

Pentagon broke over woke

The Pentagon never worries much over what they spend, they always manage to claw as much as they need from Congress. If it wasn’t for that, they’re so woke that America is going broke. China is ramping up for war with America any day now and it’s clear we’re too woke to win.

One senator on the Armed Services Committee, Eric Schmitt, wants Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to compile a report for them on “the Pentagon’s progressive hiring policies, such as the several job listings in the diversity, equity and inclusion field that tout comfortable six-figure salaries.

Senator Schmitt reminded Austin that the general himself put a Pentagon memo out to the armed forces on March 2, “citing competition against China as one of the military’s top priorities.” He doesn’t seem to get his own memo.

Despite the serious threat posed by China, which your memorandum appears to recognize, your Department of Defense appears to be distracted by woke issues.” This wasn’t a hearing so there we’re no hems and haws from the witness stand with a chorus of Democrat objections. It was a written request, which can and will be followed through with a subpoena, if necessary.

For starters, Austin needs to “identify how many DEI-related positions exist in the Department of Defense, broken down by service branch.” That shouldn’t be too difficult.

The senate also wants “specifics about those jobs’ titles and salary ranges.” Schmitt got wind on recent Pentagon help wanted ads floating around the interweb. The senator really doesn’t want to lose a shooting war with Xi Jinping.

Focus on wokeness

China, Schmitt wrote, “will not be defeated by DEI. Instead, the Department of Defense’s focus on DEI weakens America’s ability to deter or defeat China by diverting resources away from increasing lethality in favor of woke training.” The Pentagon better wake up or we’ll all be learning Mandarin.

The Missouri senator is a “show me” kind of guy so he thoughtfully included some clippings. “Among the job listings the senator highlighted are a role within the Navy as an administrative specialist for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility, the pay scale for which goes up to $183,500, according to USAJOBS.

The Air Force branch of the Pentagon is just as competitive. “A position listed within the Air Force under Supervisory Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility would also pay up to $183,500.” That’s not all.

Other job openings for Diversity Program Analysis Officers and Diversity and Inclusion Coordinators also tout salary ranges that exceed $100,000.” It’s only money. Joe Biden would love to print more. It’s his second favorite hobby, after shoveling Baskin Robbins down his gullet.

Last year, the Pentagon scored “$86.5 million for dedicated diversity and inclusion activities.” They buried the request for this year’s budget so deep Schmitt still hasn’t found the figures.

America’s adversaries will not be defeated by spending six figures to hire DEI administrators. The Department of Defense’s prioritization of DEI weakens America’s ability to challenge our adversaries by diverting resources from military preparedness to woke training.” It’s time to get serious. “The military must be focused on confronting threats abroad with overwhelming superiority, and not waging culture wars at home.

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