In Case You Missed it, Nancy Pelosi Received Shocking News

If Republicans have power over her, Pelosi is not going to be happy. When she’s not happy, watch your backside. Republicans with Trump’s help exposed a lot and if people still have any control over the ballot box, Republicans should be swept to victory. We can hope the Democrats would be held liable for what they’ve done, especially this past year. Democrats say one thing and do another. Watch what they do.

Pelosi wants her power

But nobody should want that power. The best leaders can be the ones that don’t want it. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made a list of priorities to tackle should the party win the chamber.

McCarthy tweeted out the steps to take should Congress win power, “Republican priorities when we regain the majority next year: 1 – Hold the Biden Administration accountable 2 – Secure the Border 3 – Make our cities safe again 4 – Rein in the out-of-control inflation 5 – Stop the overreach of government mandates.”

Pelosi may not like being on the defensive

McCarthy didn’t reveal all of his cards, his plan is more comprehensive than just what he mentioned. This administration doesn’t seem to want the best for Americans. Among other things is the supply chain problem and what happened in Afghanistan.

Looking into the COVID problem is also on his list. McCarthy has already sent out notices for appropriate paperwork from different agencies to uncover the reasons behind the actions the administration has taken.

One might wonder if Pelosi cares about her party’s ratings

Both Biden and Kamala Harris’ approval ratings are awful. Only 33 percent of respondents thought Biden was doing a good job. That same survey showed over half or 55 percent weren’t happy with what this administration has done after nearly a year.

There are news organizations that might be more sympathetic toward the administration but even some of them aren’t sounding good. Yahoo News found only 38 percent of those who voted for Biden would do so again.

Pelosi needed Biden

In that office but the Democrats need to find something to bring those numbers up. Yahoo News continued, “A full 30 percent say he should step aside. Those numbers are a little more favorable among Democrats as a whole: 43 percent and 28 percent, respectively. But they’re still fairly soft.

Just one month ago, Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents were about evenly divided over whether they preferred Biden (38 percent) or someone else (41 percent) as the party’s 2024 nominee. Now fewer say Biden (32 percent), and more say they’re not sure (27 percent, up from 21 percent previously).

Biden’s backing then plummets again (to just 20 percent) when he’s matched against a hypothetical field of potential Democratic alternatives, with double-digit support for Kamala Harris (13 percent), Elizabeth Warren (11 percent), Bernie Sanders (10 percent), and Pete Buttigieg (10 percent).”

Pelosi knew Harris wasn’t liked

The Democrats are likely looking for somebody else to be Vice President. The UK Telegraph reported, “With Kamala Harris looking unelectable, the Democrats are considering the nuclear option. Whispers in Washington suggest Joe Biden’s camp has a plan to find a more popular replacement ahead of the 2024 battle. Democrats desperately scrambling to find a potential successor to Joe Biden in 2024 are whispering about a potential nuclear option that could see Kamala Harris nominated to the Supreme Court.”

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